HAYEDEH... A Documentary on her 20th Death Anniversary

by Pejman7

20th January 2010, marks the 20th death anniversary of Hayedeh, one of the most beloved Persian singers.

Hayedeh passed away at the age of 47 by heart attack in California. Even twenty years after her death the diva's songs are still popular among the Persian speakers.

I was deeply impressed by her voice since my childhood. Finally I came to this coclusion that I should do something in return for her.

The documentary "Hayedeh: Legendary Persian Diva" is the result of my love to this warm and passionate voice.

The film was screened at various festivals in both US and Europe in 2009, but it will be released on DVD on Hayedeh's 20th death anniversary. Although I think she never died.

For the fans I gathered all infomation about this project in both English and Persian on the website: wwww.HayedehDocumentary.com

I tried my best to do something great for our legendary diva and the only thing I want is no one would illegally copy this independent project. That is my only request; otherwise we can never continue working on Persian artistic projects in exile.


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Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Another one for you Fatollah jan.


Dear Red Wine

by Fatollah on

I am here all the time listning to Haydeh. Thanks :-)


من که باورم نمیشه


حیف آن لب‌های زیبا نیست که آنها را به این لفظ زشت آلوده میکنید،
این جور حرف زدن برازنده شما نیست، مال رقاصه‌های خیابون سیروسه که با "
کلاه شاپو " میرفتن.... ...غلط می‌کنن اونها ئی‌ که فکر می‌کنن والده
محترمه شما بجای صرف وقت برای تربیت شما، بیست و چهار ساعته تو کوچه برلن
پلاس بوده؛ من مطمئنم که ایشان تلاش خودشان را کردند منتها استعداد‌ها فرق


سفارت ایران در لندن



What a crock of shit.

Haydeh, Savakis looking for students in London Hospital...

Yeah OK!


Darius Kadivar

Nice Rememberance Pejman Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Great Voice and Performer.

Thank you Pejman Jaan for reminding us of her musical legacy and for your beautiful film.

Movafagh Basheed !


The Phantom Of The Opera


by The Phantom Of The Opera on

The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Hayedeh - Key Raftei Ze Del



Hayedeh - Sooz Va Saz



Hayedeh - Dusesh Daram Hanuzam




by annonymous_ranting on

Hayedeh meant a lot to many of us in the late 80's because those songs she did then talked about our pain and confusion from becoming suddenly landless expats.

I wonder if this very young person who has put together this dvd knows or understands really her significance.

Pars Video had already released years ago Hayedeh's London concert with a live symphony on DVD in good quality.

I guess the value of this new DVD is more in the interviews with Andranik and Manouchehr Bibian.

Given that the owner of some of the original footage is in fact Mr. Bibian I am guessing that at least his material has been properly licensed from him, since he is also interviewed.

But it is getting a bit annoying lately to see all these supposed documentaries that are coming out using footage and audio produced by others without permission and then calling it their own.

I bought two DVD documentaries on iranian singers and they were both horrendous. One was that one on Googoosh which force depicts her in a way that does not show her true power and then the other one was one on Foroughi which had some rare colour footage of movies I've seen in black and white, but the commentaries from her wife were annoying as they appeared naive musically.




Haaydeh's guestbook

by Reza86 on


marhoom Hayedeh

by MM on

I heard that in the begining of IRI when voting was forced and the people did not like the candidates, they put down "marhoom hayedeh" as their choice of candidate.

I have most of her songs but some of my favorites are also the duos she did, e.g., Bazme Hayedeh va Golpa and Afsaneye shirin (Hayedeh va Shajarian).

Bless her soul.


Hayedeh is being played over and over again in Iran.

by Anonymouse on

I think she had the best vocals in Iranian music.  I'd choose Shajarian as second.  Of course 2 different styles.

I chartered a "cab" or ajans as they call it for a road trip and the driver played Hayedeh over and over again.  Among my own family, there are people who play her often when they didn't before during Shah.

She is the greatest! 

Everything is sacred.