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Here's a quick preview of a video I am still working on. This one sort of follows up on where "The Planets Will Have to Wait" left off.

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Right on dude!

by John on

Iraniandudeee, I disagreed with your initial comment, but I must admit that your second hits the nail on the head.  There is something fundamentally wrong with the American society.  It's a great place to live if you are among the middle or upper classes, wealthy and not of a visible minority.  However it is shallow and ultra-violent, and non-compassionate toward its not-haves.


There might be

by Iraniandudeee on

more oppeortunities and jobs here in the U.s, but guess what? That's all it's good for, MOney, but remember that Money can't create happiness, or atleast that "Happiness" won't last long.


In terms of society, America has one of the most disturbing societies I've ever experienced and seen in any country.... it's basically a fake society.

Each person has different

by on

Each person has different experiences.

Relating to what you said, Alborz and the title of your project "People you think you Know", my experience is that you cannot really know people by asking them !!  Sure you will find something interesting and you will understand some aspects of them, but just that.  It will be in parts and at a superficial level. Sort of like a friend that you think you know and then 5 years later will stab you in the back!!  Or someone you thought was a looser and then they turn out to reach amazing success in their career.  To find out these answers you simply have to live.

I understand your project are little pieces that will become part of a full documentary, however from your site I don't quite understand what the "final whole" is to be about. What will the finalized project be about and who will be it's audience?





People You Think You Know

some thoughts:

by People You Think You Know on

I think everyone makes decisions based on what they believe are their best options at any given time (e.g. moving to the U.S.). The trouble is, circumstances change - both externally and emotionally - and people find themselves tied down to a place that may no longer be the best place in the world to live for them.

Furthermore, it's difficult to say where the best place is. Often I feel, like Iraniandundee, that the American dream is just that - a dream (82,000 homeless in LA county on any given night). It's a PR campaign to sell the U.S. to the world. On the other hand, clearly living in the U.S. has many advantages. A recent UN study rates the U.S. with the 13th best standard of living in the world. Now, whether 13th is good enough for you, or whether number 88 (Iran) has advantages that outweigh living in the top 87 countries is a question not so easy to answer for many.

[Irannostalgia: please bare with my (semi-)youthful indulgences. While I agree that exploring the world is of the utmost importance, and something that I haven't done nearly as much as I hope to, I think exploring the lives of the people directly around us is equally, if not more important. These are the people who've shaped our own lives and I think far too many people grow old without knowing themselves. If we don't examine our own lives, we won't know how our view of the outside world is biased by our own prejudices. Furthermore, I think examining Iranian culture is valuable these days - for the millions of Iranians in the world and expecially for the West who finds itself in direct conflict with a culture it doesn't understand. I would feel awfully silly to not feature my Iranian family when talking about Iran. That being said, I am planning to begin featuring some expert opinions to give the project some larger context. Thanks for the feedback. I welcome more.]

Why so much self indulgance ...

by on

The person making these videos has talent, but why analyze so much your own world and surroundings?

If you are young, why don't you go and discover the world outside your nest?   

I don't know how old you are, but if you are so protected by your family, you haven't really lived!!

As far as the U.S. being the best place to live, this is absolutely a ridiculous concept.  Places to live are not like sports, it depends on your personality or your needs.  I cannot consider a country where you have to drive all the time and maybe live without health insurance as the best place to live. Try going by car from the Valley to Santa Monica using the 405 FWY, then tell me your impressions of California. It will take you one hour for a miserable 10 KM distance because of the traffic.   It all depends. The U.S. can be an enjoyable place, mainly for people that want to run their own business or open a store and for people who are a family and have very close ties with each other and for people who like to drive in cars all day.  It is a very very scary place when you start getting older and if you have no relatives. 





American Dream

Good Job...

by American Dream on

By far and away,

America is the best place to be if one has to leave his or her homeland. 

God Bless America and the American Dream.

Every thing is sacred.

Ali P.


by Ali P. on have to leave your homeland, America is the best place to be.


I advise Iranians

by Iraniandudeee on

To not come to America.... really.... They lead you here for false hopes, dreams and promises.

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

Thanks for sharing. Your parents must be really special people. This comes through every time I see them through your lens.

Ba ejazeh, I'd like to finish your mother's sentence, as though you had asked me that question...yes, because this is where my children are.

I look forward to seeing more of your developing project. Good work.