Command of man broadens hope


Phantom of
by Phantom of

  1. Not shun away from plot development.
  2. I want to enter as deeply as possible into the world of the text.
  3. Let’s keep these floating lines in mind for the opera:
  •  Huge libraries come to mind.
  • Excellent and well read writers appear.
  • Books with awe-inspiring contents follow.
  • Proficient orders of presentations encourage
  • Command of man broadens hope.

Is the Qur’an God’s word?

I know that’s rubbish writing.

How could people believe nonsense?

This Iran never did, nor never shall,
Give way to the repression of black conqueror,
But when it first did help to restore itself.
Now these her braves are well nurtured again,
Come from every corners of world in intellect arms,
And we shall shock them: nought shall make us rue,
If Iran to itself do rest but true.

 Some adaptation. Let it be as note. More work is needed.



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