A Letter

A Letter
by Princess

Dear Kath,

Can't let your 21st birthday go by without a wee bit of sentimental indulgence. You are now a freelance and your Dad has no control over you. Just think of that! Doesn't it make you shudder when you think of the past 21 years of servitude. Just for that I now shall order you around as successfully in the future as in the past.

First, don't take life or its happenings too seriously. Lift up the corners of that mouth that I gave you one moonlight night.

Second, try to do one thing well - utilizing the experience of all preceding life and your own wit.

Third, never let yourself hate any person. It is the most devastating weapon of one's enemies.

Fourth, always remember that your Dad is liable to call you all sorts of names when he disapproves of your behavior, but don't take him too seriously, and always come to him - whatever your difficulty - he may be able to help you. Impossibly, he may not be as stupid as he looks.

Fifth, forget all the above and remember only that I would love to kiss you 21 times and give you a million dollars.

Your hopeless Dad.


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Darius Kadivar

Her Dad's advice Served her Well

by Darius Kadivar on

Great Star and Beautiful personality.

Nice Find Princess



by Mehrban on

Nice piece Princess.