David versus Goliath

David versus Goliath
by radius-of-the-persian-cat

I think this picture does not need any comment. Not sure if somebody posted it here before. Hope nobody takes the "David and Goliath" analogy to serious. It should not symbolize the victory of one nation over another, rather than the victory of intelligence over physical power.


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Thank you for your kind words.

by Onlyiran on

I do and say what I can for our people and our country.  That's all.  


If Photoshopped, than its already Art

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Dear OnlyIran,

Thanks a lot for the clarification. I did not knew the image had been changed. But even if it does not show an authentic situation, it probably expresses what many people feel, don"t you think so ?

Thank you also for the many intelligent posts and comments that you wrote over the last years. I hope that your view of tolerance and a new souvereign Iran will soon turn into reality. 


It's photoshopped

by Onlyiran on

In the original one, she is waving at him.  Plus, the appropriate hand gesture in Iran would not be the middle finger, but rather the thumb.