Happy Yalda

Happy Yalda
by radius-of-the-persian-cat

Best wishes to everybody at IC and their friends and families on the occasion of Yalda.

I hope that the rebirth of sun will also enlight the minds and spirits of people around the world and stop them spending their time and money and power to harm each other.


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shahireh sharif


by shahireh sharif on

yalday shoma ham khojasteh bad




by vildemose on

 Solstice blessings...honoring light and dark. Half way out of the dark...

The Irish celebrate the Solstice too: 

They will  be building a bonfire that night  to help the Sun find its way home. Then later we'll watch sunrise at Newgrange.


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Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on


salman farsi

یلدا یعنی تولد

salman farsi



 همچنان که در قران آمده است: لم یلد و لم یولد - پس کلمه یلدا عربی است. تولد بر برادران و خواهران مبارک باد. 


For an Islamic democracy


And Happy Yalda (shabe cheleh) to all of you as well

by Bavafa on


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Esfand Aashena

Happy Yalda! Make sure u have lots of hot beets & pomegranate!

by Esfand Aashena on

Not to mention, pecans and nuts and stuff.  What is that plant?  Is that a tropical plant dying from the cold outside and brought inside? 

Everything is sacred


More light ...

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Hi Tiger Lilly, the samowar is just one of a large collection we have (others start a garage business, we have a garage-based samowar museum). This particular one is pre-revolution russian from a place called Tula. It contains some embossed stamps showing awards from world fairs. It is char-coal driven, therefore preferential for out-door use or after the next big energy crisis, who knows.

Btw, an electric black-out can also be very, very educating to understand why ancient cultures put so much emphasis on the annual cycle of the solar "path". Beyond the prospective of getting a new harvest of fruits or grains half a year later, the mere increase in daylight after the winter solstice can have a profound benefit for human mental and physical well-being. Anybody who had the "pleasure" to spend some time without electrici light might have felt that darkness can really cause emotional stress.

I probably wont clime on top of our roof to spot the first ray of sun-light tomorrow or Thursday morning (as AM suggested), but I will illuminate our garden. Hope it is not considered a profany.  



by alimostofi on

Cheers. S

ee if you can stay up all night and witness the first light of the first longer day as yiur ancestors have for milliennas.

Ali Mostofi



Tiger Lily

Thanks, babes, you too, happy more light!

by Tiger Lily on

btw where did you get that samovar from and how old is it? And those oillampcandlethings???, chinese?