How open can we communicate in the west ?

by radius-of-the-persian-cat

Hi Siamak,

I have a serious question to you living here in the west only for a certain time: Is there a problem when I send to you e-mails with frank political statements ? I heard bad guys from CIA, KGB, Mosad and worse (!!!!!!!!!!!, hey I guess you know whom I mean) could spy around even here and later could make problems for you you?

I was pointed recently to a potential risk by a friend of mine from Iran, who is temporarily living here. He said it could be dangerous for him to have his real name on an address-list together with the World-WildLife-Fund, Pope Benedict, "USA today" or even more
dangerous, organizations (!!!!!!!!!!, I guess again you know whom I mean).

I mean is this hysteria, or really an existing danger ???

Am I just too naive here in the open society, where nobody cares about what you think and say and write, as long as you pay your tax?

An answer would really be helpful for me. You once wrote "Facebook/Twitter are a revolution", which is probably right. But how much can they expose our privacy against our wishes?  There are very, very evil governments around, like those of Switzerland,Swaziland, Disneyland or even worse (you know which I mean). And I heard that Disneyland"s MI5 is a frequent Facebook user (or hacker)and can gather information against their own people. So Disneyland visitors may suddenly be held in custody, while they are visiting their most beloved figures during summer holidays.

I hope you understand my concern behind the jokes.

greetings  Radius


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