Norooz runs around the globe

by radius-of-the-persian-cat

First of all, I"d like to wish everybody Happy Norooz and a prosperous and successful New Year. If I say everybody, I mean everybody: this even includes the Basij and IRGC, whom I wish the enlightment that they are serving a criminal organisation and should consider choosing a better job in the new year. I even hope a better life for Ahmadenijad, whom I wish a cheap helicopter flight to Spain to spend his political Asylum on the side of Ana Pastor, the TV journalist he tried so hard to seduce during the interview. I"m sure she will find a place for him to hide behind the kitchen oven.

Now the important question I hope somebody finds a reasonable explanation for: The "christian" new year runs around the globe in synchrony with the clock, therefore progressing westward. So as the time-point of Midnight starts in the very eastern pacific archipel, to run westward, Alaska is the last to celebrate New Year.

For Norooz this goes in opposite direction: US westcoast is the first to celebrate Norooz, then follows Midwest, eastcoast, europe, middle-east and far-east. What is the reason for this discrepancy ?   I know the precise calculation of Norooz is not trivial, but from a logical point of view, if the earth revolves east-ward, than every astronomic constellation should shift west-ward. Where is the solution for this ? 



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