A Taste of Honey

by radius-of-the-persian-cat

I selected these two very different versions of the song "A Taste of Honey" or
ذوق عسل.

Originally written by Bobby Scott and Rick Marlow, it was played as the intro for the New York premier of Shelagh Delaneys drama of the same title. It was covered by famous musicians such as Lionel Hampton, Quincy Jones, Chet Atkins, Woody Herman, The Beatles and the Hollies. The two versions here give an idea to the broad range of musical styles to which the original song and the story of the play-wright had inspired singers and musicians.
The first is the jazz big-band version by the "Harry James Orchestra", performing here 1966 at the Ed Sullivan show.

The second is a very slow and romantic version sung by the israelian singer Esther Ofarim

I would be curious to hear which of the two you like more.


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