Why the Fukushima nuclear disaster is good for nature

by radius-of-the-persian-cat
As we all know: There where is shadow, must also be some light. Or as the great Monthy Python recommended: Always look on the bright side of Life (dada, dada-dada-dada). Therefore, I thought to look a bid further from todays daily news around the Fukushima accident. Over all the micro-sievert and mega-bequerels, over their daily fights with fire-hoses and sand-bags and now even saw-dust to make us believe some important work to rescue the world is under way in Fukushima, somebody got completely forgotten: The whales and the dolphins, our most loved naval creatures. But to all here on Iranian.com and all other good people in the world I can bring good news for you: Our friends, the whales and dolphins not only give a damn on 3ooo x increased caesium137 in the ocean: In opposite, they even will benefit a great deal over the next years from this contamination. You wonder why ? The reason is very simple: The spilled radioactivity in the form of caesium137 preferentially accumulates in their muscles and will stay there virtually for the rest of their life. For whales and dolphins themself, this little radioactivity is absolutely harmless, considering that muscle tissue is one of the most radio-resistant of the entire body. But for man (and in particular for the very evil of us, like the japanese whale-hunter and dolphin-killers) this makes their meat absolutely unedible and hence worthless. Therefore I predict that whale-hunting and dolphin-killing will drop dramatically over the next decades. Amazing, how nature always manages to help itself. To read more thoughts about this effect, go to //broken-radius.blogspot.com/.

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Slaughterhouses are a good way of realizing the human way

by Escape on

 Many slaughterhouse's could be converted from Cows to Pigs to Sheep to Dogs,whatever.They are just killing machines perfected.Slaughterhouse worker's deal with it like a comparison to working in Hell,literally.But they all run out at lunch time and eat..


Its not as black and white

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Dear Escape,

Of course you recognised a certain irony in the my post. Lots of exaggerations, no doubt. I highly acknowledge your comment, of course. Killing is hardly an heroic act, in my view, and like I don"t feel a big admiration for hunters and fisher, I quite frequently see myself in the same position. Occasionally I have to sacrifice laboratory mice for the sake of research, and always feel my conscience torn. On the one hand, I"d like to let them live, on the other hand I know I have to kill them to find out some secrets about life and disease. Its perhaps the same point that you made: To give life for one creature, another has to die. In this sense you are right not accepting my remark of the "evil" whale hunters. Otherwise, I would have to accept the same judgement for most creatures on earth (even this beautiful little ladybug kills the greenflies when she is hungry). But killing should never be done for fun or in a respectless manner, I would say. I have now idea how it looks inside an ordinary slaughterhouse, where our steaks and entrecotes come from, but the sceenery of the japanese dolphin-slaughter is shocking. Have a look at this web-site: //www.seashepherd.org/dolphins/the-ruthless-killing.html In my eyes it has more to do with a blood-rush, and this is something I will always consider inhuman.



by Escape on

 Good news for Whales and Dolphins.Nature will balance itself.But I have to say I don't think whale and dolphin hunters are evil.I find it a bit zealous.The only case I would call them evil is if they are making Whales and Dolphins extinct.If you feed a person,that is not a evil thing.