Women on the House of Justice


Women on the House of Justice
by Ravian Bilani

Women on the House of Justice

Translated by:

Dr. Ameen U. Fareed
Haifa, Syria, July 29, 1909.

Through His Honor Mrza Ahmad Ameen Fareed to the maid-servant of God, Mrs. True. (Upon her be Baha'o'llah!)


O daughter of the Kingdom!

The epistle was received and the Convention of the delegates of the Mashrekel-Azkar on the day of Naurooz, at Chicago; proved a cause of joy and gladness. In reality, a wonderful coincidence has taken place. In that blessed day Abdu'l-Baha hastened to Haifa and with the divine friends was present at the Supreme Station (The Tomb of the Bab). The pure body of His Holiness, the Supreme (The Bab), after sixty years of homeless wandering and placelessness, was established on Mt. Carmel, the mountain of the Lord, in the Supreme Station, and in Chicago there was held (at the same time) the Convention of the delegates of the Mashrek-el-Azkar and Mr. Charles Haney and Mrs. Miriam Haney arrived in Chicago and were present in that holy meeting.

I beg of God that that radiant Assembly may become aided in pure, truthful intentions and confirmed in the service of the Kingdom, so that it may be a sample of the Assemblages of the Supreme Concourse.

The Persian philosopher has said: "That which is above has its likeness below."

As to the land, you must carry out the agreement you made with the land owner, so that it may be purchased. But payment by payment, it should be done, and, if possible, commence the building of the Mashrek-el-Azkar. Delay not.

In the law of God, men and women are equal in all rights save in the Universal House of Justice; for the Chairman and the members of the House of Justice are men according to the Text of the Book. Aside from this, in all the rest of the Associations, like the Convention for the building of the Mashrek-el-Azkar, the Assembly of Teaching, the Spiritual Assembly, Philanthropic Associations Scientific Association, men and women are co-partners in all the rights.

Upon thee be Baha-el-ABHA!

(signed) Abdul Baha Abbas

Translated by:
Dr. Ameen U. Fareed
Haifa, Syria, July 29, 1909.


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Abdol Baha Says

by Siavash9 (not verified) on

"In the law of God, men and women are equal in all rights save in the Universal House of Justice" Shame on you people - where is Equality??????? BS


O MY SERVANT! Free thyself

by htb (not verified) on

Free thyself from the fetters of this world,
and loose thy soul from the prison of self.

Seize thy chance, for it
will come to thee no more.

- Baha’u'llah, The Hidden Words, "Kalimat Maknuna")

Inshallah, may I measure in God's eye
to this word:"Baha'i."
This all I aspire to be. We are all
free to believe, no matter what anyone
tries to do to us.

I will continue to pray for you.
Mr. Badi19-Ravian-Reza41, et al.

p.s. htb are initials, silly.


What is htb?

by Badi19 (not verified) on

Is it Heterodox Baha'i?
Why do you called yourself so?
This is what orthodox Baha'is call you haifan baha'is.


Knowledge is as wings

by htb (not verified) on

As a Baha'i woman who bears responsibility in marriage, as a professional and as an active member of the Baha'i Community, I find "Ravian Bilani's" post here saddening and completely off the mark.

Mr. "Ravian Bilani" posts his blandishments and Reza 41 replies like clockwork every time. How sad. I am so sorry that the individual who posts here then see comelled to reply to himself. Is he so consumed by his estrangment from truth? I will pray for him.

"Knowledge is as wings to man's life, and a ladder for his ascent. Its acquisition is incumbent upon everyone. The knowledge of such sciences, however, should be acquired as can profit the peoples of the earth, and not those which begin with words and end with words.

Great indeed is the claim of scientists and craftsmen on the peoples of the world. Unto this beareth witness the Mother Book on the day of His return. Happy are those possessed of a hearing ear. In truth, knowledge is a veritable treasure for man, and a source of glory, of bounty, of joy, of exaltation, of cheer and gladness unto him. Thus hath the Tongue of Grandeur spoken in this Most Great Prison."

- Baha'u'llah


Brent Poirier

by Anony (not verified) on

We all better know what shi'ite islam is. Baha'i faith is not shi'ai islam. You must admit that there is no absolute equality between Men and Women in Baha'i faith for some reasons known only to Abdul Baha. Right ? or Wrong ?

Brent Poirier

The sincerity of Baha'is in upholding the equality of the sexes

by Brent Poirier on

It has been correctly pointed out that the Baha'i teachings state that membership on the Universal House of Justice is confined to men. There is no reason specified for this, or a number of related matters:  Why is the Baha'i institution of Guardianship limited to the male lineage of Baha'u'llah? Why was the hereditary institution of the Imamate in Shi'ih Islam limited to the male lineage of Muhammad and Fatimih?  Why have all of the Prophets endowed with constancy, who have brought a Book and a Law for the entire human race, been men?  I do not know of an authoritative statement in any religious scripture that directly answers this.

Abdu'l-Baha has written: "...in all the Divine Dispensations the first-born son hath enjoyed a special distinction. Refer ye to the Torah and the Gospel, and likewise to the traditions related from aforetime. Read ye the story of Esau, Jacob and the sons of Isaac in the Torah, that it may become apparent that in all the divine Dispensations the eldest son hath been given extraordinary distinctions. Even the station of prophethood hath been his birthright, let alone the vanities of this world." //tinyurl.com/soneldest

Two things are important to point out: The Baha'i scriptures are the first among the world's great faiths to expressly uphold the equality of males and females; and, the principle of male membership on the Universal House of Justice is not applied anywhere else in the present institutions of the Baha'i Faith, or in the family, or in general in the relationship between males and females in the Baha'i community.  That is, if Baha'is were, as one poster above says, hypocrites, then some Baha'i men would use this quotation about the Universal House of Justice to attempt to gain an advantage in their marriage. Instead, the principle of equality of the sexes applies throughout life, including the principle that the husband and the wife are equal.  This means that sometimes after consultation in family matters the husband will defer to the wife, and sometimes the wife will defer to the husband. If any Baha'i men tried to misuse the quotation from Abdu'l-Baha about the membership of the the Universal House of Justice, they would say that this quote implies that men are superior; this does not happen, because it is not true.

As Dr. Rabbani has posted, Baha'is take very seriously a principle Abdu'l-Baha enunciated, that the education of girls is more important than the education of boys. This has a great impact on society; briefly, look at the Baha'i-inspired Barli Institute in Indore, India as one example of the impact of educating thousands of teenage girls, mostly tribal girls from villages (all non-Baha'is, all given free education).  Educating girls is the fastest way of spreading knowledge (child education, hygiene, literacy) and technology (water purification and conservation, organic gardening, solar cooking) throughout the society.

The principle of the equality of the sexes is increasingly being translated from Word to deed throughout the generality of the worldwide Baha'i community, partly as a result of the "institute process."  One remarkable example of this is shown in the film "Creating A Culture of Growth." In one segment it shows the impact of the Baha'i training institutes on villages in New Guinea, when all the family -- men, women and children, Baha'is and non-Baha'is, participate. One of the women remarked that since the villagers have taken these courses, the women are now able to walk from village to village without being molested. This is an astonishing advancement, because one of the greatest needs in the world is to remedy the position of women, who are often treated as property, who are beaten, mutilated, and killed at the whim of men. The Baha'i Faith has found a way of educating people -- changing cultures -- so that women and girls are treated better.  And that is my proof that the principle of the equality of the sexes is not just words to Baha'is; it is a real, sincerely held belief and increasingly applied practice.

Baha'is offer a program of spiritual education to society-- the Ruhi Curriculum.  In addition to the adult program, this includes a program for children and a program of moral education for junior youth.  We provide these, free of charge, to anyone who will come, in thousands of locations throughout the world. A part of the curriculum in the 2nd grade course, is the principle of the equality of the sexes; and this principle is shown throughout the junior youth materials, where girls are shown as advancing through education, and are held in positions of respect throughout the narratives.  It is hard to measure, today, the impact on the boys who attend, who are, as a result of these courses, far more likely to listen to the girls, to treat them respectfully; to treat the women in their families, including their wives and daughters in the future, with the respect they deserve; and the women and girls who take these courses gain in self-respect.  These changed attitudes learned in the Ruhi courses will translate into stonger families, and into the protection of girls and women from the appalling evils they face today.

These courses are part of the process of applying the balm of the Baha'i teachings to the great injustices in the world. These deceptively simple programs reach into villages and into cities, into families and into hearts worldwide; and the very real and central principle of the equality of the sexes is not only important in our own Baha'i communities--it is part of the important work we are doing in the world at large. As a result, in the future, the position of women will be elevated.

This curriculum is essentially spiritual; but to Baha'is, the equality of the sexes and the primacy of the education of the girl child, are spiritual and God-sent principles for the healing of the nations. 

And the motive energy behind the thousands upon thousands of Baha'is offering these programs, is the guidance of the Universal House of Justice.


Baha'is Report Highest Growth in 20 Years!

by So Glad I Am Baha'i (not verified) on

The truth is the American Baha'i community reported its highest growth rate in twenty years at the National Convention this April.

Where I live people have become so curious about the Baha'i Faith that they call the Baha'i community asking for information! The persecutions of Baha'is in Iran have increased the interest of the American public in Baha'i Teachings. This is due to the mullahs in Iran who helped spread the news about the Baha'i Faith by persecuting Iranian Baha'is.

Try though they may through falsehood and oppression, the Baha'i Faith simply will not be held back. Baha'i Teachings have a peaceful, tranformative power that is moving across the world like a beautiful wind.

go to: www.bahai.org

Mr. Rabbani is a world-class scholar who is busy with positive, constructive works in the service of truth. Why should he debate with individuals who have shown that their minds are closed?


Not complete equality

by Mulla Husayn (not verified) on

There is no complete equality between men and women in any religion including this new religion Baha'ism.


Agho Reza,

by Badi19 (not verified) on

Aberoomono nabar joon emam Reza in arajief chieh neveshti shut up va bezar ye mullaheh basavad javab in Bahaiaro bedeh. Az tu behtar va ba savad tar to in dineh sharief ma nist? Bekhod nist laghabeto gozashtan Akhond Dozari.


Reza 41 - Ahang R... will not answer your question

by Badi19 (not verified) on

They are banned to debate from knowledgeable moslem people. This is a part of their "tact and wisdom" which they teach is their ruhi books. Also their tacts and tactics are regularly pointed by dear NUR which are very important.

Mr. Ahang many of us await your answer to Mr. Reza41's questions. Also we are looking for the link of English Translation of Bab's holy book Bayan (full book).

Reza 41

0% growth last year US NSA reported,you know that right?

by Reza 41 on

why dont you get it?

Baha'ullah born in Muslim family what is that to do with Bab law , Bahaullah was devoted Babi, therefore he should have followed Bobs law , now ,I'm ASKING did he, or did he not?

India has no more than 70000-80k  Bahai which half are inactive and still worship Idols AND mostly  Baha'ullah is also is one of their idles  , I have bunch of hard  document from last year NSA report , only to be shown if well know Bahai ask. (no desire to denigrate).

p.s 99% Mullahs dont even know Bahais exist(dont know enugh about them) , and, who knows them, dont even waist their time . therefore Bahai s dont blaim 0% last year US grouth on Mullas.



Every Baha'i Knows

by Legitimized, Too (not verified) on

Reza 41:

Every Baha'i knows that Baha'u'llah had multiple wives. He was born into a Muslim family in a Muslim society during the 19th century, when it was common practice, especially among the nobility.

Baha'is laws apply to Baha'is. Baha'is do not follow Babi law. Even Hazrat'l Bab exhorted everyone to turn to the one who would come after Him. The One Who appeared was Baha'u'llah!

"Reza41," the statistics you cite lead me to think that you consider a Baha'i to be someone of Iranian heritage. Are you not considering the millions of Baha'is all over the world who are not Iranian? Fact is that most Baha'is are not Iranian. There are more Baha'is in India (millions) than anywhere else in the world.

To this American Baha'i, what this means is that all the mullahs in the world cannot stop the Baha'i Faith from growing stronger and stronger, every day. There would undoubtedly be many, many more Baha'is in Iran if the government did not made it so dangerous to express religious choice.

As the Bab said: "Arise in his Name, put your trust wholly in Him and be assured of ultimate victory."

Reza 41

no denagrations but..

by Reza 41 on

some one wrote : Baha'ullah was a Babi before He experienced revelation in 1852 A.D.

and I dont think there is any doubt(by Bahai) that he wasn't.

Mr.Rabbani : could you tell everyone in this room "loudly", in Babi faith, how many wife a man is allowed to marry, and how many  wives Mr.Baha'ullah, married( permanent and temperley)after he become Bobbi ??????????

pleas dont ignore my Question this time, I am respecting your faith fully, and if you convince me and legitimize your faith enough, I'm willing here to announce my commitment to your faith ,who knows and I become Bahai . thanks

p.s according to documents(bahai records) at the  time of shah, Bahai population in IRAN were nearly 40 thousands, and by evidence from "Bahai documents" there are 700-800 k(the most) Bahai adherents living in the whole world, which half are inactive members.(not a number legitimizes or not any belief)  documents are ready to be seen only by farther chaleng and request of well known Bahai person  such as yourself Mr. Rabbani ,(as I said I'm not volunteer to denigrate your faith by any things that you all hiding ;-) thanks again


Baha'u'llah was a Babi

by Legitimized By Faith (not verified) on

Dear Gibran:

Baha'u'llah was a Babi before He experienced revelation in 1852 A.D. Study of Baha'u'llah's Writings will make this clear. There are plenty translations from the Bab for Baha'is to study. I also believe in the Bab because Baha'u'llah did.

I am sorry if it sounds repetitive, but I believe
what the Blessed Beauty teaches. Baha'u'llah teaches us that the appearance of the Manifestation of God is his evidence. And yet He revealed so much more.

He stated:

"Verily this is that Most Great Beauty, foretold in the Books of the Messengers, through Whom truth shall be distinguished from error and the wisdom of every command shall be tested. Verily He is the Tree of Life that bringeth forth the fruits of God, the Exalted, the Powerful, the Great.

O Ahmad! Bear thou witness that verily He is God and there is no God but Him, the King, the Protector, the Incomparable, the Omnipotent. And that the One Whom He hath sent forth by the name of ‘Alí (The Bab) was the true One from God, to Whose commands we are all conforming.

Say: O people be obedient to the ordinances of God, which have been enjoined in the Bayán by the Glorious, the Wise One. Verily He is the King of the Messengers and His book is the Mother Book did ye but know."

- From the Tablet of Ahmad

Either you believe or you don't.

No harm to anyone who elects not to believe. Baha'is are peaceful and loving . . . even to their jailers.

Best Regards,


Mr. Ahang Rabbani

by Omidee (not verified) on

Thank you for the links. Sorry to bother you again, I would appreciate if i am given the link of English Translation of Bayan (Complete Version). Please.

Ahang Rabbani

The Persian Bayan

by Ahang Rabbani on

Dear Omidee,

Here's one place where you can find the complete text of the Persian Bayan,  //www.h-net.org/~bahai/areprint/bab/A-F/bayanf/bayanf.htm

In addition to the Persian Bayan, the Bab also had a shorter book in Arabic known as the Arabic Bayan, //www.h-net.org/~bahai/areprint/bab/A-F/b/bayana/bayana.htm

In addition, the Bayani community has a website which you may wish to explore as it houses a number of writings of the Bab:  //www.bayanic.com/

Hope this helps.


Dear Legitimized By Faith

by Gibran (not verified) on

I respect your emotions and faith. But my dear friend before believing in Baha'u'llah you must believe in Bab and then mohammed then jesus then moses and the list goes on...

For believing in Bab you need to read his teachings and his history. I see people here interested in reading the book of prophet Bab and Baha'is are not providing the link of complete bayan to read. Can you help ?


Ahang Rabbani

by Badi19 (not verified) on

Yes I know this site belongs to BUPC the sect of Neil Chase. Our beloved UHJ dragged these idiots into US courts. May God Bless UHJ.
Baha'is who are unaware of this deviated sect (Splinter Group) - please refer to //www.sectsofbahais.com


Dear Badi19, Seven million

by Legitimized By Faith (not verified) on

Dear Badi19,

Seven million believers across the world have "legitimized" the Baha'i Faith by believing in it.

go to:www.bahai.org.

I am a Baha'i(Thank God!)of Christian background. I consider myself a Christian who has witnessed the FULFILLMENT of the Gospels which is the return of Jesus Christ. In addition, as a Baha'i I have learned wisdom from the Holy Quran because I gained belief in Muhammed(PBUH). I accept Ali! Ya Ali!

Mr. Rabbani is correct. Faith is not justifiable, because it does not involve a rational process. Faith and examination of belief are deeply spiritual processes. Baha'u'llah asked that we examine His Claim to fulfill the prophecies of the previous Divine Messengers.

I examined Baha'u'llah's Claim. I believe!

As a former Christian,if I now accept Muhammed (PBUH)because I believe in Baha'u'llah, isn't this like Muslims who accept Jesus because they have faith in Muhammed(PBUH)?

Who can legitimize or rationalize belief beyond proclaiming what they believe and living their lives accordingly?


Reza 41 u r right.

by Badi19 (not verified) on

There are more Baha'is in California as compared to Iran. Most of the Iranian Baha'is are settled here.


Respected Mr. Ahang Rabbani

by Omidee (not verified) on

Sir, I am interested to read the Bayán. Could you please provide me a link to read the complete book online. I need complete book and not the summarized or selections from Bayan. Please help me - I am a Moslem and want to learn more about Bayan and Bab - then I will study Baha'u'llah and Aqdas.

Ahang Rabbani

There's no official UHJ site!

by Ahang Rabbani on

The Universal House of Justice does not have a website and the site referred to by "FarshadM" is not a Baha'i site.  It belongs to a splinter group with a handful of followers.  The so-called "explanation" on that site is not recognized or endorsed by the Baha'i community.


make your cult legitimize

by Badi 19 (not verified) on

by telling us why should a sonni accept Ali and why should anyone christian... accept Mohammad.
Afterall Jesus said the world shall pass away but not the Gospel.


Here is an Explanation from - UHJ.NET - the official site of UHJ

by FarshadM (not verified) on


Tahirih Khanom

by Omidee (not verified) on

"Whatever is revealed in the Bayán". May I know what is revelaed in Bayan, complete revelations ?

I am interested to read the Bayán. Could you please provide me a link to read the complete book online. I need complete book and not the summarized or selections from Bayan. Please help me - I am a Moslem and want to learn more about Bayan and Bab - then I will study Baha'u'llah and Aqdas.

Reza 41

denigration again, boz dell baz esm avaz kardi?

by Reza 41 on

it is your typical attitude and well understood,lack of enough reason for your legitimacy,  its very transparent when you Zionists have  short-com,than  some of this lies can come handy dont they  ?  , bring up all your fake and exaggeration numbers up you want ,  30,000  ,how about another  6000,000

Dr.E.G Brown estimated 2700 to 3000 , that is fact. yet, that still doesn't make your cult legitimize.

 shenidi migan : drogh go doshmane khodast ?laanat bar droghgoo harke mekhad bashe , you or me , ok?


Here is Agh Rezas' plan for believers nevermind the rest of us

by Badi 19 (not verified) on


Bismillah alrahman alrahim

by Seagull (not verified) on

Agh Reza41 as he claims is the face of true Shia you are looking at. who doesnt want a Reza41 in every living room across the world just like Iran. Surely a pious Agh Reza41 who only does the will of Allah will bring happiness, peace and the whole behesht to our door-steps, they have done this in Iran and are highly experienced. This is Allahs' promise to him and he is promissing it to every kaafar around the world.


What temerity!

by A Muslim (not verified) on

“Reza41” although you are just a coward who hides behind a fake name even though you have all the protection and support IRI, nevertheless you have temerity in lecturing Baha’is on love.

You who have killed over 30,000 innocent Baha’is.
You who have imprisoned and tortured thousands of Baha’is.
You who have confiscated homes, businesses and properties of hundred of thousands of Baha’is.
You who have destroyed every Baha’i holy place in Iran.
You who have stolen the pension of hundreds of thousands of men and women that honorably served their country.
You who have made tens of thousands of Baha’is jobless and their families penniless.
You who have refused education to the brightest of Iran’s youth merely because they are Baha’is.
You who teach children to hate other children just because they are Baha’is.
You who destroy Baha’i cemeteries and show your hatred even to the dead.
You who burn alive men and women simply because they are Baha’is.

Shame on you Reza! You are the shame of the world!

Reza 41

در روضه قلب جز گل کینه یا عقش ؟کدام یک؟

Reza 41

طاهره خانم عزیز
این هم نطق  ربانی ؛  طاهره جان شما نمیدا نید پلیس امر به معروف  و نهی از منکر شما در این سایت مواظب شماست؟ من اول به سوری خانم گفتم شما ها ناشی هستید و اگر نه میدانستید مغرضینی و متعصبین و دشمنان حسود به عقیده شما مثل بنده دستور است باید از بغلشان آهسته رد شوید اگر نه اینها خفت شما را میگیرند . دختر مگر بیکاری میخواهی پته اینها را با سوال کردنت بریزی بیرون؟   مگر نخواندی آقای داگلاس مارتین چه گفت ؟ مگر نخواندید ربکا مرفی چه گفت . حضرت آیت ا.. ربانی یک بوقی در گوشتون زد تایید کردحرف من را که شما  ناشی هستی. اشکال نداره دفعه دیگر خودسانسوری و تقلید کورکورانه همانطور که این آيات اعظام   یاد آوری کرد ند را فراموش نکنید وگرنه این چراغی که در اثر تحقیق در کله شما روشن میشود امکان دارد کار دستشون.. ببخشید کار دستتون بدهد .

و اما جناب ربانی شما که لب به سخن گوشودید و لطفتون را شامل حال بنده کردید و هر چی دلتون خواست تهمت نثار بنده کردید همانطوری که قبلا عرض کردم  بنده داوطلبانه هیچ علاقه ای  نه به تبلیغ شما دارم و نه دوست دارم از آن طعم شیرین نفرت که شما از آن در لذتیت بهره ای ببرم .سنگ اندازی و لجن پراکنی هم که به شما لذت میرساند در مرام ما نیست تنها بر ما خدا واجب کرده است آن که از قصد کفر میکند و حقیقت خدا را از روی غرض و مرضی که در قلبش وجود دارد وارانه جلوه میدهد فقط در عمل دفاع اصل کلام خدا را یاد آور شویم یاد آوری غیر از حیله و حمله است . و در مورد شناختن صاحب کلام حق؟ خیلی ببخشید ولی جناب آقایان بها و باب از مشخصات قرآنی که خداوند آنها را برای شناختن ایشان به ما دادند ردشده اند و آن نشانها را با خود نیاورده اند . آنها کدامند؟  بنده طی مقاله ای همان اول ورودم به این سایت طی بلاگی(آیا خداوند به پارسها عربی  صحبت کرد؟) توضیح دادم مراجعه کنید اگر خلافی دیدید ممنون میشوم طی مقاله ای روشنگری کنید و در مورد بند 1)کتاب اقدس که یکی از بارزترین اعترافات ایشان است که ایشان و خدا شرکت سهامی راه انداختند(شرک) اگر به یکی سود نرسد پرداخت به دیگری هم قبول نیست . ایشان در همین بند فاتحه ای برای نقش تقوا برای رستگاری خوانده اند. یعنی شما باید ایشان را حتما قبول داشته باشید و اگر نه هر کار خیری از شما پذیرفته نیست . حال شما هی ساز های مختلف بزنید که من چه هستم و چه نیستم و در قلب همکیشانتان تخم نفرت از بنده را بکارید  . اشکال ندارد ما شما را دوست داریم به قول حضرت علی(ع)  اگر هم عقیده ما نیستید هموطن ما هستید. مرسی از کامنت و خواهشا به قران این کلام خدا دروغ کمتر ببندید خدا ناظر است  از او بترسید. وسلام نامه تمام