Power of Crowd Funding for dental care professionals

by rbnfl

In June of this year I wrote a blog about the growing, exciting and almost magical concept of Crowd Funding and how it can be applied to various professions and industries.

I would like to now inform the readers of IDC of a new, first of its kind crowd funding portal for dentists; whether recently licensed or established.  Owned and operated by Iranian-Americans.

WWW.FUNDINGSMILES.COM is dedicated to bringing together value conscious consumers and dentists looking to fund their new practice without a bank loan.

In exchange for patients funding their new practice, dentists offer extreme discounts on dental procedures such as root canals, crowns, implants etc.  That is, procedures that normally cost close to or in excess of $1,000 or more.

This is an example of when a once in a life time deal results in an opportunity of a life time". 

If you like more information, please visit the URL above or email info@fundingsmiles.com


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by shahrvand2 on

This could save people with bad teeth some money perhaps!


Dear Faramarz

by rbnfl on

Thanks for sharing your experience.  As mentioned to Cost-of-Prog, there are bad apples in any profession.

But I am certain there are many many good decent dentists who work hard to take care of their patients for every 1 bad one.

Please keep in mind, that most dentists spend $500K+ on their education and purchase of their first practice before they work on their first patient.  Sometimes we are shocked about high cost of dental care and its partly due to the costs of getting there.

That said, there is never an excuse for unnecessary treatments.

Hope the hygenist situation is working out well. 


Creative Dentistry!

by Faramarz on



Dentists are an interesting crowd and generally have a good taste in hiring assistants and hygienists!

A few years ago, my dentist of many years, noticing that I have been doing everything that he said that I should be doing and as the result, not having any dental issues looked at my insurance policy and said, "We have some funds to work with here. Let's make a couple of appointments so that we can replace your old fillings!"

I looked at him and thought, "Are you fuc*ing out of your mind? Everything is just fine the way they are. I am eating a few times a day with no problem and I like my smile!" Then he recommended dental cleaning three times a year instead of two. Thank god the insurance company rejected that!

So nowadays I book my hygienist's visits on the days that he is in his other office.


Thanks for comments

by rbnfl on

@ Cost-of-Prog   There are bad apples in any profession and industry.

Hopefully you can find a decent dentist on our site after you find out a little more than usual about him/her

@ Nozarmah     Please email your nephew's information to us.  We'll be sure to extend the best possible service to him.  By the way, the first few dentists who sign up get a significant discount automatically. 


Cool idea

by nozarmahallati on

What a cool idea.  Congratulations to you.

I just told my nephew who is a recent endodontist gard in San Diego about this and he was pretty excited.

Hope you give him a good discount in place of my referral.

Good luck! 


Need honest dentists

by Cost-of-Progress on

To me some dentists are like dishonest auto mechanics. They "find" problems that need to be fixed. Reminds me of a dentist I went to after moving to a new city many years ago. The guy wasted no time on the first visit to file down one of molars in prperation for a crown. One that I neither asked for nor I needed. Fogging thief.

BTW, he was not irnanian.....


Thank you Reza

by rbnfl on

Thank you Reza for the link. Hopefully we are going to help more newly licensed Iranian Dentists set up practices, this time without any loans.



Plenty are here

by Reza86 on