The Persian Party

The Persian Party
by Ryan G.

When I walk through the door and the smell of rice comes up my nose, I instantly know that I have arrived at the fun of a traditional Persian party. With kids running around and adults conversing, no doubt that you will have fun. You suddenly feel so excited as the kids join the other kids and the adults join each other.

When the music comes on, the party has just started. You see woman, men, boys, and girls dancing throughout the party. The best part comes next, the food. Every Persian party has the best food ranging from Kabob with rice to Ghormeh-Sabzi; the smell of the food will make your mouth water. This is the true fun of a traditional Persian party.

Ryan G. is 13 and lives in Vienna, Virginia with his family.


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Ryan, damet garm

by Cost-of-Progress on

I was in Vienna, va this past wknd. Zendee baashi.

See you in Cafe Rose! 




Ryan G.

Thank You

by Ryan G. on

Thank you all for your delightful comments you all wrote. I would also want to thank for giving me this opportunity to write my stories. There are more stories to come in the future. Talk to you soon 



by yolanda on

Your photo makes my mouth water!

Thank you for your writing! It takes a lot of courage to do a blog here. I know I don't have the courage even though I am way older than 13!

Thank you for being brave!


this is so cool

by sbglobe on

Dear Ryan I think this is very cool that you like to party with your family. You must have a good taste since you like Persian food. Now I want to know if you like to do a little Persian dance  as well. Looking forward to your next story!  


Nazy Kaviani

Dear Ryan G.

by Nazy Kaviani on

Welcome to! I am very impressed to see that another young Iranian American is interested in joining our community. This is a good place to meet other Iranians, some of whom are a little homesick, and some of whom have found a really strong base outside Iran. People who come here share one thing in common--their love for Iran.

You described your senses about a Persian party so well! If nothing else, Iranians sure know how to throw a party and how to enjoy themselves at one!

Please come back and write some more for us. Your young voice is a very important addition to this community. I hope you enjoy writing for us as much as I enjoyed reading your writing. I hope to see you again soon and thanks again for taking the trouble to write for us.

Multiple Personality Disorder

Wow! This is a good piece of writing for being only 13!

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Let's see, when I was 13 I was about in 6th-7th grade, I was just learning to spell my name :O) but seriously, if you like to write, this place is a great place to improve your skill as a writer.  You can write about Vienna, if you would feel like it.  I didn't know there was a Vienna in Virginia.  Have lived all your life over there?  How is the weather up there?  Not too much snow I hope.  Take care and I'll see how you do on your next blog.

Welcome to iraniandotcom,