If you look like a wuss, we have good news for you!

by sadaf_of_the_sea

Over at the comments section of our previous blog entry, Mr. Bahmani asks:

"Here's a stereotype: Weak, wussy looking (Iranian) men, wearing clogs,
too much cologne, shirts with stripes, thin wispy
beards/moustaches/chest hair, tweazed eyebrows, greasy skin, channeling
Kamran and Hooman, driving cars they can't afford without leasing,
apparently get the girl. All the girls. Anyone got a decent explanation
for that?"

I'm not sure I agree with all of his descriptions or with his conclusion. And how can any man with a mustache look weak?! Plus, who're Kamran and Hooman?

My own personal stereotype of an Iranian man would definitely differentiate between East Coast (holla!) and West Coast (wassup?). Also, undoubtedly, there's a big difference between the Iranian man of southern cali (clad in gold/platinum chains) and northern cali (with intellectual pretensions). Having said this, what unites them all in my personal stereotype is that I always expect Iranian men to be judgemental towards women. There is just something about them: Even the most supposedly open minded Iranian men cannot help himself from taking a look at usually an Iranian woman and saying something completely inappropriate that he and only he finds funny. (We're doing generalizations here people...work with me!)

So your task is: a) Answer Mr. Bahmani's question and even more importantly, b) what are YOUR stereotypes of Iranian men?


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NazaninGood thing we are

by n.zanincanadai on


Good thing we are stereotyping.


If your saying the Iranian man is...

by bagheAnar on

Do Iranian men have Iranian men attitudes/stereotypes or just a man attitude..? From my experience they have the same fucking issues as Americans, Germans, Italians, Arabs, Brazilians, Cubans, and so on. So if your saying the Iranian man is......

  • too materialistic and all he cares about is driving a whip he can't afford leasing? well, you haven't met enough black brothers.
  • ...tweezes his eyesbrows and is greasy? ey, nothing compared to your egyptians, lebanese, puerto ricans, etc......
  • oh and talks really really dirty? Not as dirty as your average Italiano
  • ......and plays bad repetitive music? Be glad your not dating a domenican!
  • here's a popular one: His a mama's boy... Uhhhh, that could be appllied to every fucking Latin American, South American, Greek, Turk, Indian, Asian, yada yada do you get my point?
  • ...will talk behind your back after they've fucked/slept/dated you? well here is the deal - if his an asshole, he is an asshole. He can be an iranian asshole, he can be muslim asshole, he can be american/hindu/athiest/asshole and so on, but the fact is - He is an asshole. Yes, it is your fault for not catching the signs and sleeping with him. and yeah, We all make mistakes. your burn, you learn. Its okay if it happens once, twice, but the third time and on - your an idiot. Don't be surprised you become jaded and think that the problem isn't You - it's all the men out there... and when you start thinking like that, well.. all guys will find you annoying. have fun being single.  

So what I really wanted to say is..The shit you hold against Iranian men isn't just applicable to JUST iranian men. Even with your generalizations, I have yet to hear something Solid.  I mean, c'mon,

" There is just something about them: Even the most supposedly open minded Iranian men cannot help himself from taking a look at usually an Iranian woman and saying something completely inappropriate that he and only he finds funny."

---That's ALL you got??????


Normal for Iranian women!

by samuel on

I am not surprised to see how some Iranian women criticize Iranian men when it come to "sex'!! I am not going to judge all by one name but I don't know, are all these kind women who post something, consider all Iranian men the same or they are only representative of some feminists! Any ways, my experience, bad or good with Iranian women is different and not very fascinating either! I had relationships short and long with some women. My experience, as I mentioned in Sadaf's other comments, was not unfortunately positive with Iranian women! In Iran, I don't know, that's because of the culture or so, they pretend that they have never touched by any men, in Europe they die to be touched and sleep with Europeans to get the residency of the country and in North America, even though they are more independent, still conservative and paranoid with some lack of honesty! Of course it doesn't back to all Iranian women, may be because of my bad luck and experience! So, I don't judge it to the whole Iranian women outside the country.




The fact is Sophie, if you

by sadaf_of_the_sea on

The fact is Sophie, if you don't allow yourself to care about your "image" than he can't hurt you. It is a bit different for the 2nd generation but I know what you mean.


Middle-aged ones…

by Sophie on

My stereotypes of Iranian men: Even the most supposedly open minded Iranian men who have been living in western countries for years, are educated in the highest degrees, have had and still having many girls friends, when it comes to argue with an Iranian woman, especially when they get angry, cannot help himself from calling her names and threaten her to ruin her image because of dating and being involved in sexual relationship. This sounds to be their last weapon to hurt a woman’s image and feelings. Soooo ridiculous and so low!I am talking about those who have been the first generation of immigrants. It might be different for the second generation though.



by mrclass on

rubbish and chert o pert. makes you wonder what kind of men these folks hang out with. By far the dumbest statement: Iranian men cannot help himself from taking a look at usually an Iranian woman and saying something completely inappropriate"


Hot: Cologne, Gucci shirt and tweezed eyebrows

by KhanumKhoshgel on

My stereotype of Iranian men are exactly those of Arab men, but just a bit more camp...you know the bottle of cheap or I mean Cool Water cologne doused all over their printed shirt that has Armani or Gucci written all over it and I cant forget the perfectly shaped eyebrows... but to be honest I have to disagree with bahmani...they dont seem weak to me actually there's always something really sexy about all that!