Election Frauds in New Hampshire?

by salim

Hillary Clinton's surprise win against all odds and all poll data is raising some questions. The peculiar part is the polls were correct on pretty much all data except Hilary's.

What's most alarming is the discrepancy in results between locations that used an electronic scanning machine (that's has shown to be easily hacked) vs. hand counting. The counted ballots, Obama won over Clinton, and where optical scanners were used Clinton won.

I am not trying to be alarmist or conspiratorial but,
it's awfully strange when there is a reversal of voting pattern between (machines that can be hacked) vs. hand counted ballots.

The data analysis is available here: //ronrox.com/paulstats.php?party=DEMOCRATS

This is an actual hack on an official ballot that took less than 5 min,:


There are some fixes to reduce the vulnerability of these machines but as I understand NH machines had not been fixed.

Deja vu anyone?


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What? bradblog.com?

by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on

Wow, I'm so impressed...such a solid source: bradblog.com! lol :-)


more info

by salim on

If you are all curious here is a deeper analysis:


Diebolds are the ballot machines thare very unsecure. The result should raise a few eyebrows:


clinton hand count: 35.17

clinton Diebold count: 40.71


Obama hand count: 39.20

Obama Diebold count: 36.24


Unless voters who went to the election change their mind from Obama to Clinton upon seeing an electronic voting machine, then I find this data very curious.

Or it could be just a coincidence for all we know....












Election Fraud Confirmed

by Anonymous - Patriot (not verified) on

Associated press made a report confirming your suspicions. Big foot was seen in several polling areas with a PC tucked under his hairy arm pit. There is no question that he had something to do with these unexpected and shocking election results. Otherwise you would have to assume that the pollsters and the talking heads were wrong and that is impossible as you have so correctly stated!

By the way, Elvis was related to Ayatollah Broojerky.

Right on man!!!