NIE worst Christmas present for MKO

by salim

In A summary Stratfor,
asserts the NIE release reflects a sealed deal between Iranians and the Bush administration. They further assert, "Washington and Tehran will each sell out their proxies in Iraq in a heartbeat for the promise of an overarching deal". This is the worst news MKO could have gotten and it very well might be the nail in the coffin of the organization.


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by PArviz (not verified) on

Most of you people categorically state your hatred for MKO and some of you even remember to mention your dislike of the present regime too (which is a good thing). However MKO did not become the organization it is today in one day. It had a great following in the early days of the revolution and gradually under the "leadership" of Rajavi turned into a despised personality colt who just went from bad to worst.
Like it or not, they are part of our recent history. Most of the Mojaheds I know or knew are/were very honest/patriotic/trustworthy people. Most of them lost their lives believing they were trying to free their people from the terror of the mullahs.

You might say they were misguided or mislead and that is probably true but it does not make their sacrifice any less important. How many of us are/were ready to put our lives on the line for what we believe in? So go a bit easy and do not judge an entire generation on the deeds of it's present so called leaders. For a while (1986-1988) MKO was the only channel for those who wanted to confront the mullahs directly. Many people who joined MKO during that period were by no means Mojaheds and wanted simply to help topple the mullahs and their reign of terror mostly for patriotic reasons and not ideological ones.

We all have our opinions of what is right and what is wrong, what is patriotic and what is not, have you ever considered the fact that there are infinite numbers of shade between black and white? Could it be remotely possible what we believe to be right today might not be after all entirely right? Consider that before making harsh judgments on others, before wishing for a group of people to rot in hell. These are, like it or not, our compatriots.

I personally never regarded Saddam as the main enemy of Iran and Iranians (after all it was obvious that a smaller country like Iraq could not dominate Iran) but on the other hand I always regarded Khomeini and his regime to be the greatest enemy Iran and Iranians have faced since the invasion of the Mongols.

Stopping the Iraqi invasion was important but fighting the Mullah's regime was/is vital for us as a nation. Having said all of the above I believe MKO has made itself irrelevant to Iran and its politics purely based on the incompetence of its leadership who based their struggle on foreign powers and not the people in Iran.


Have the Israelis Infiltrated US Intel Agencies?

by zionist_nabashid (not verified) on

Based on this current NIE, it seems that US statesmen have gotten a bit smarter and have not "yet" allowed Israeli infiltration of their intelligence agencies. Lets hope it remains that way. Zionists will find their way to corrupt all US government agencies one way or another. That is their technique of domination. The day Zionists infiltrate ALL American agencies, will be the end of America. Mark my word!


Don't get ahead of yourselves guys

by Kishmesh (not verified) on

While I am not particulary fond of the MKO, let's pray we don't see a day that we wish they had taken over! The regime will get much more brutal as time passes by. While MKO may not be the best option, they are certainly the lessor of the two evil.


For now they are the best option we got ....

by Shaboon Koongoshad (not verified) on

I agree that Iranian nation deserves better than IRI people. However, who is the question? We don't have any better option than IRI at this time. Look around you: You have the traitor MKO with heads stuck in Zionist asses, you have the shahi's that are bunch of jendehs (and koonis), and who else? Name one that you think is a good option to replace IRI and we can have a discussion. Unfortunately, the mollahs are the best option we have at this time.... AND you can attribute this problem to the USA's coup-de-ta in 1953 which alianated the Iranian people from their government over about 40 years (a generation) and for the most part we are politically illiterate.



NIE worst Christmas present for MKO

by Justice (not verified) on

I look forward to the day when these traitors are handed over to Iran. They made millions of Iranians suffer, and caused many wonderful young Iranian’s life. Justice must be served. Let this be a lesson for all to see that Iranians do not like those who betray their country. However, I have no doubt that ordinary members will be freed and let go, as they were noting but stupid and victims. Authorities in Iran do know this and have given amnesty to many of them & I hope they continue that policy. Long live Iran


True but

by kurdish warrior (not verified) on

Its true what said about MKO but that shouldn't change our course to work hard in order to bring down this regime (IRI) .MKO is history but IRI is still in motion. So the question is what are we going to do with them??????


MKO's Heads are stuck in Zionist Asses

by Marhoomeh Rajavi (not verified) on

Like their friends in the neo-con circles, MKO's heads are stuck in Zionist asses. They don't hear or see anything unless the zionists tell them. MKO is still in worst shape than their neo-cons bretheren. This is beause neco-cons despise Arabs, while MKO's take Arab moneies and do the zionists dirty jobs.



by Bahman (not verified) on

Can't wait to see the SOB Rajavi and the rest of the MKO traitors brought to justice at the gallows just like their buddy Saddam Hussein. You animals are responsible for the death of thousands of fellow Iranians by the enemy and deserve nothing but hell. As you filthy pigs can see from the sample of opinions on this site, you have no place in the hearts and minds of any Iranians.


I Hope that every member of

by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

I Hope that every member of the treasonous murderous MKO get buried alive.



by dariushagha (not verified) on



MKOs are not from Mars but Hell

by no_name (not verified) on

To Mama and all the other traitors who are duped into following the Rajavi's shrine. Some of you will be saved, as you collaborate with Mossad and are going to be flown into some secret camp in Negev desert. Rest of you will be stock out in Iraq without US protection and on one night there is going to be a bloody raid where most of you will die. The ones who are moved to Negev desert will be asked to perform espionage or assassinations until they grow old and become useless and then those will become dispensable as well. My suggestion is to beg and ask for forgiveness from Iranians now. I feel sorry for you, you have no home, no country and no people to call your own. Perhaps you were not from hell, but I know where you are going.


To: Mama

by Mani432 (not verified) on

I beg to differ. MKO members may be from Iran, but they don't qualify as Iranians and they are nothing like the Shah or Khomeini. The Shah had a sense of patriotism and a goal of restoring Iran to its past glory (no matter the flaws in his approach). And as much as most Iranians despise the Ayatollahs, at least when Iranian land was captured by Saddam, they defended it.
MKO members, by contrast, are first and foremost cultists who worship a man and a woman. For these two opportunists, they have repeatedly sold Iran out and continue to do so today. They are NOT IRANIANS. They are memebers of the MKO cult of Rajavi worship.
They are also IDIOTS born to be manipulated by the likes of the Rajavis.



by Anonymousss (not verified) on

hah if mojahedin were going to be destroyed with such events they would have been finished in 88 when khomeini executed thousands of them and defeated them with operation mersad.

Mojahedin will only grow stronger. They arent going anywhere anytime soon so brace yourselves!



by mama (not verified) on

They are Iranians just like the Shah, Khomani, Mousedegh, you and me. The question is how we are going to improve our culture so we don’t produce the first 2 kinds, because they didn’t come from plant Mars.
I think before we do anything to “rescue Iran”, we should start trusting each other, helping each other, and we should stop cheating each other and pretending.



by Parviz (not verified) on

There are two organizations which I despise:

1) AIPAC and any variation of it.
2) MKO and any variation of it


I am with you guys

by XerXes (not verified) on

I agree with you guys, MKO is a strange and weird organization. They are frightening and I don't understand those who are the members.


Good Riddance

by Mani432 (not verified) on

High time these bastards were buried alive. Killing this traitor fascits can't happen soon enough.


Good riddance

by Mehran (not verified) on

No body will miss the MKO. They are a cult of traitors.


The nail should be pounded on their head

by Bavafa on



I Hope So

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

For the sake of their own members and everyone else, it is time for MKO to end its activities. Too many lives wasted and too many errors made. Time for them to relaize that things will never go their way.