Washington Post: Clintons admire Karl Rove's Craft

by salim

The Clintons recognize the skill Rove has brought to politics and admire his craft, if not his ideology. Just days after the November 2004 election, Bill Clinton pulled Rove aside at the dedication of the William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Arkansas.
"Hey, you did a marvelous job, it was just marvelous what you did," Clinton told Rove, according to the book "The Way to Win: Taking the White House in 2008," by John F. Harris and Mark Halperin. "I want to get you down to the library. I want to talk politics with you. You just did an incredible job, and I'd like to really get together with you and I think we could have a great conversation."

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Whatever,,i still vote for hillary!

by hillary fan (not verified) on

Whatever media says...who owns the media? The republicans of course!

So whatever they say...my vote is stil for the best candidate, Hillary Clinton!


News you won't see on Fox

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Vote, OBAMA!

by Anonymous-obama (not verified) on

That's why we should all vote OBAMA! Or Ron Paul, but he has no chance of winning, unfortunately.