Iranians abroad

by samuel

During my last decade that I spend my time out of Iran mostly in Europe and North America, I met a lot of Iranians from different backgrounds who left the country and settled down in a Western country for a better life or to get rid of the Islamic government. I met a lot of people in Europe who paid a lot to smugglers to bring them to Europe and how much money they spent to get an asylum-ship. I met so many educated Iranians who couldn't get the visa from any Western country and have hard situation in iran and a few could pay a lot to move to the western world. Even though I was not between those people, but always respected some of them who tried hard to get a better life in those countries. The situation in North America was a bit different. In addition to those people who paid to smugglers and made fade documents to get into north America and seek for asylum and in addition to eligible immigrants, I met a lot of people who have strong connections to the Iranian government and practice their believes strongly! They also seek for citizenship! I am surprised and couldn't find an answer for that. I 100% believe in democracy. If they wanna use scarves and play their own religion , that's fine with me but I don't understand, if they find the situation in Iran as a great place to live and always support it, why they left it and if here is a non-religious country why you still want to stay here!! You see how tolerable Western countries are that even let you come and say whatever you want but you don't even tolerate each other in Iran and don't want to live there! The other negative reaction is the ordinary Western people to other people from the middle east. They judge us all the same and we some how pay the price of these few people too!


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by sk on

SOME come with a scholarships, get their MS and Phds, use the local government sponsored health care system (if they're landed immgs in Canada). Do a bit of "Anten Bazi" for browny points, and go back and get a good job in a government owned organization that needs educated folks and that's it. Its a stepping stone for them, which propels them to a good living, which eventually gets bad-mouthed once they're done and back and trying to look "in the click" with the rest of the ZZTops over there.


they are parasites on Boursieh from IRI

by jigsaw on

Most of them are aghazadeh and Khanoomzadeh who love the IRI and are parasitic offsprings of those who are lining their pockets at the expense of the rest of the Iranians who live in abject poverty.  They just come here because they're hypocrites and the only ones who can afford it. Some are dispatched to do become propagandist for the regime here in the West.

And in the case of Canada, they're just ripping off the Candadina Government.


Iranians in USA

by bagheAnar on

The Iranians I met that fit the description your describing ("strong connections to the Iranian government" "practice their believes strongly", "use scarves") were students. The bottomline of why they came here and have chosen to stay here is to get a good education. They love Iran and would prefer to live there, but their konkoor scores were not high enough or they couldn't find a job even after they had graduated top class from Tehran University. Some of them are into Perisan Club, some are into MSA, not everyone is religous--but why is that a big deal anyway? This country is a very religous country actually. I don't think they have strong connections with the gov't there, but they will take sides with the IRI over USA anyday.


Re: Iranians Abroad

by Parham on

I agree with the bulk of what you're saying.
However, somewhere I have a problem thinking that Iranians believing in democracy are those leaving the country. I would think thery are those who do actually stay around and fight for it.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on