The Other Side of the Hill

The Other Side of the Hill
by Sargord Pirouz

There's quite a bit of anti-government YouTube videos that are posted here at IC. I thought some of you might be curious to see the many pro-government videos that are now popping up. Some are quite clever and fairly well produced.Enjoy:



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by Arthimis on

In real Iran and real life you are not worth anything above Gorohbaan! (with all due repects to real Gorohbaans...)Of course that is if you pass the initial test of becoming one! Seriously... :-)

When Ahmaghi-nejad becomes the President of that Keshvare Badbakht, No wonder you and your likes became Sargords va Sardaars...

Haala Pasho Do Taa Chai beereez o beeyaar taa baad... :-)


Hellhochi and sargardoun

by vildemose on

Hellhochi and sargardoun only represent an artificial two-side-of-story "balance". This sort of balance require that the allegation that the earth revolves around the sun be offset with denial of this well-established fact.

One thing  worse than being arrogantly ignorant, is being informed and acting ignorant


Why do we feel a need to

by vildemose on

Why do we feel a need to respond to these de facto criminals. Just ignore them. They have a self-serving agenda and are not interested in facts, evidence, reason. They are Nazi, Gestapo type propagandists.

Would you try to debate with mollah in this video clip below?? These two characters are no different than this cranky, old dusty mollah rattling off his murderous drival on  in the film.

The only difference is their location and the language they use (English instead of Persian)




by Fatollah on

Sargord Jaan

LOL! What's the point? A prelude to massacre?

I liked the third clip most, it shows how desperate and threaten IR is!!!


Nor did I advocate violence

by Fair on

by the protestors. The protests began as overwhelmingly peaceful and silent, only to be met with murder and rape and torture and imprisonment and show trials in front of the whole world.  Somehow, the people in these videos or in government do not consider that "hormat shekani".  Nor do the cameras in these videos interview any of the rape and torture victims of the last 6 months do they.  Furthermore, it is impossible to definitively say who is doing the alleged violence by protestors, and there are many reports of infiltrators into the protest trying to instigate violence. Not to mention many reports of police and basijis themselves breaking and burning shops. You know why it is impossible to say who is doing this?


Let there be coverage, and the truth will come out. The only reason to block coverage is you are afraid of something becoming known that you don't like.

And finally, when people go and burn tires and dumpsters and make
barricades in the street, it is because they are defending themselves
against illegal seizure by a government who illegally denies them the
right to peacefully demonstrate.


All in the name of Allah.

Keep it up, the longer you do so, the sooner you bring about the demise of your own so called religion.



Mardom Mazloom


by Mardom Mazloom on

این آتیش زدنها و شیشه خورد کردنها خیلی تٲسف بارن یا جوونهای مردم وسط خیابونها نشونه گرفتن و کشتن؟ باور نداری که این جانیها تو خیابونها قتل و عام کردند؟ یا اینکه اگر جلوی تو یک ایرونی رو بکشند تو از کوره در نمیری؟


FAIR, to be fair

by Jaleho on

I never denied or condoned the crimes done against the Iranian protestors of any kind. The vicious arrest of the youth in Tehran and the follow up criminal show trials.....was all despicable.

However, the elements among the green protest who burn people's shops, attack police forces, and try everything to convert a peaceful protest to a violent one are criminal in the sense of trying to incite a civil war! AND, they are stupid too if they think that they can either beat that majority of PEOPLE who participated in pro-regime demonstration (by make believe that it is either photo-shop or they came for free juice or whatever other pathetic excuse), or cheering the burning of few police motorcycles thinking they will scare the police away. No, if motorcycles were too much in danger, then there would be tanks in the streets.

Your trying to close your eyes to reality and continue a polyana wishful thinking can lead to a blood bath.


Jahelo and waffen SS major

by Fair on

Yeah, I loved the last 5 minutes of the 2nd video also. Looked just like Hitlers supporters in Nazi Germany. What a bunch of brave people, calling for the cold blooded murder of anybody who dares to question the Islamic Fuehrer.

But Jahelo, at least you got this part right:

Also, those inside Iran who try to incite violence got their message: If there were to be a civil strife like what they have been asking for....then you'll see this crowd crush them in no time and very easily!!

Because those who incite violence in Iran are the basijis and Khamenei and AN brown shirts, who beat kill rape imprison and torture people for just asking for their basic universal human rights.

Get real, you have commited way too many crimes to try such desperate propaganda. The Iranian people and the whole world see right through you criminals.

Game over buddy.

Irani Meemirad

Zellat Nemipazirad



Sargord/jaleho, as you are likely the same, the reality will

by Hovakhshatare on

be knocking on your door soon enough. Meanwhile, watch the link I provided earlier as preview of your retraining & humanization sessions post IRR.

marhoum Kharmagas

Abarmard, why?

by marhoum Kharmagas on

"In Green, unlike currently, there are no us and them."

I think economy is going to play an important role this time around. In the unlikely event that current regime can address the issues such as joblessness, appalling poverty etc. greens will not get anywhere.

Also greens themselves will soon face the same issue (if they get the power) ...., if they only address the needs of Rafsanjanis and other green khodies.
Appalling poverty, $90+ billion per year subsidy monster, ruthless corruption ... weren't born after the last election, or even after 2004, these issues are "shahkaars" of all factions of IRI, particularly the Rafsanjani mafia. 

BTW, Abarmard, I think you used to be more objective. 


Thank you AGAIN sargord

by Jaleho on

for giving 1 voice of the other side in reaction to 50000 of the uniform "news" that Shifteh Ansari selflessly  provides here day and night ;-) Of course your former blog was even better:


For this one, objectively , your first video was cheaper than the opposition making fun of Ahmadinejad's hair style, or his queen's chador. I would really cut it.

The last 5 minutes of the second video was GREAT!! No matter how much the Green lovers here want to close their eyes to those realities, no matter how much they want to fool themselves to believe those millions went in the street just for the sake of a free juice .... people in the west who need to know the reality in Iran, and the leadership of the opposition inside Iran, took the right lesson from that protest as proven by Mousavi's sharp turn around and his last bayaniyeh! That is, those who matter, got the message clearly depicted in that 5 minutes of your second video.

Also, those inside Iran who try to incite violence got their message: If there were to be a civil strife like what they have been asking for....then you'll see this crowd crush them in no time and very easily!!

This was a much better show in peaceful protest than an actual bloody civil war. Thank you.


Yes Abarmard, time is pro people...

by Fair on

But that is very easy to say for someone who made it out of Iran and was able to use his time. A young Iranian today has to watch his or her life waste away because of scumbags like Khamenei and his goon supporters like waffen ss major, while others outside of Iran have the luxury to call for their "patience" and "sacrifice".

Maybe you can afford to give it time. But people in Iran have spoken loud and clear- TIME'S UP. WE ARE DONE WAITING FOR EMPTY PROMISES, ONLY TO BE MET WITH MURDER AND RAPE AND LIES.


Irani Meemirad

Zellat Nemipazirad

Listen very carefully to these words, they are louder and louder everyday.




waffen ss major the defender of rapists

by Fair on

and mass murder of his people has the gall to spread his propaganda here. Well no problem fascist major, you can kiss up to your Islamic fuehrer and other primates around him as much as you want. You know why?

Because there is FREEDOM OF THE PRESS here. Something that is available to everyone, even HYPOCRITES like you. People like you who even betray your own father, someone who flew and defended his own people (that is if you are not lying like your masters do).

If there were also FREEDOM OF PRESS in Iran, all sides would have a say. FREEDOM OF PRESS is one of the basic universal human rights, which are the only thing the Green movement is demanding, and your masters are calling this "fighting god".

Like gitdoun said, this BS of velayat faqih and mutilitating yourself because Imam Hussein got killed in battle is not even Islamic, and other muslims in the world rightfully call it unreligious (not that I am religious). If you are religious and believe in God, you should not disrespect and damage your own body and subject yourself to taking orders from another mortal Your worshiping should be limited to one God, and even that is voluntary. BS propaganda like this that waffen SS major spews out here is just a sign of deeper and deeper desperation, and resorting to any depth of stupidity to silence dissent.

Spit on all fascists and murderers of innocent Iranians. And shame on you for standing against your people.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

ok i watched the first one

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

it actually made me laugh a lot. 

anyway sargord I have a serious question for you. do you think these demonstrations would still be happening after the summer if the global recession were not happening? 


Green movement will absorb most of these people

by Abarmard on

In time.

Time is pro people. There is enough room for many of current supporters to join the movement to gain rights for all Iranians equally.

In Green, unlike currently, there are no us and them. Give it time.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I'll be honest

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I didn't watch the videos. I don't want to. I think it's good that you're here though. People forget that there are people who still support the regime and have an incentive to see it survive these demonstrations. You're in the minority and I hope you have some exit strategy. 


Git-doun: Excellent expose

by vildemose on

Git-doun: Excellent expose of this militant Khmoeinist. Let me tell you something, the Arab world will never allow Iranians to be at the helm of their religion or have power in any  significant way. They can't even manage their own internal turf war within the country...



by yolanda on

Thank you, gitdoun ver.2.0, for this part:


I dream of a day that khomeini's tomb is torn down brick by brick and a parking lot is erected over it ! 


Great job and well-said! 

Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"

gitdoun ver.2.0

Curse this Regime

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

  1. Sargord im going to talk to u in your language . Since i know your type. Nationalism and country is insignificant to you. For you everything is Islam. Very well then let me talk to u in this language. Those who are pro-wilayat faqhi are alone in the islamic world. You go to Mecca you are cursed as Rafahida Mushriks. You go to Medina you are considered as Kaffir. You go to Karbala or Najaf you are considered as Faasighs in transgressing the bounds in raising an ordinary human cleric to the status of prophethood or imam. You dogs call wilayat faqhi a "revolution in islam ". Meaning what ??  THAT IT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE IN ISLAM!!!  Meaning it is a practice or belief that has never been mentioned or exhorted or practiced in the History of the Ahlul-Bayt or Islam itself!!!! What is this classified then ?? Bidaa't/ innovation. And this bidaa/innovation that khomeini introduced will disappear like all other innovations in islam before it !!! There was not 1 single Marjaa Taqleed that supported Khomeini's ijtihaad and the only who did--Montazeri-- rebelled 7 years after the inception of this satanic government. Infact presently in 2010 95% of all Marjaa Taqleed have never voiced support for this faaseqh ijtihaad of khomeini. It's so faaseqh that u shias of khomeini , (who are not worthy to be called shias of the ahlul bayt) have made his tomb bigger than the tombs of Imam Ali in Najaf and the tomb of Imam Reza in Mashaad !!! This cult of wilayat faqhi has turned the hearts of millions against religion and has brought ruin to the country!! you are a disease in iran and a cancer to the muslim world ! I dream of a day that khomeini's tomb is torn down brick by brick and a parking lot is erected over it ! -inshallah ya raab !


Mardom Mazloom, I doubt if sargord will catch your point or

by Hovakhshatare on

learn as zaboone adam is not his forte due to years of IRR education system. This method will likely be more effective as it is closer to what sargord is used to: //

Mardom Mazloom

سرگرد کچل،

Mardom Mazloom

این همه قتل و عام شد و بازم ککت نگزید! حالا بگیم اون مجزوبین ولایت دستشون به خبر حقیقی نمیرسه و اینقدر خرند. ولی تو، با این همه جنایت که شاهدشی و بازهم از این رژیم جانی حمایت میکنی! میدونی که همدست جانی، جانی است؟

این دفعه دومته که یک بلاگ حمایت از رژیم میفرستی و کارکنها اینجا بهت بد و بیراه میگن! این کارت منو یاده یکی از داستانهای ملا نصردین انداخت :

یک روز، یکی میبینه فرق ملا موهاش ریخته. میره به ملا میگه: چند وقت پیش که فرقت پر مو بود، چطور شد، یکهو موهات ریخت؟
ملا درمیاد بهش میگه از بس راست گفتم، مردم زدند تو فرق سرم!
اون شخص میگه: چطور مگه؟
ملا میگه: میخواهی یک حقیقت بهت بگم؟
اون بابا میگه: اره
ملا در میاد بهش میگه: خوب, وسط پاهات یه کیره!
یارو عصبانی میشه، یکی میخوابونه تو فرق سر ملا.

حالا این داستان تست اینجا ، با فرق اینکه تو راست هم نمیگی.

Maryam Hojjat

The Difference IS one True & the other False!

by Maryam Hojjat on

Green Movement is true & geniune.  Whether these so called pro Government people are for incentives from regime. 

Anonymous Observer

Sargord, I just got an email from IRGC

by Anonymous Observer on

your propaganda is so lame that you have been demoted to "sarbaz sefr".  :-)


Sargord, You will be singing this tune until the

by Hovakhshatare on

day this regime is kicked out and its filthy existence wiped out of the face of history. Meanwhile, I suspect you'll remain safe even then because you really have done nothing but pretend to be an IRR sargord wannabe and wrote comments that wreak of khaen and ajnaby sefaty. But nothing material to hang you on.


Fairly well produced???

by Cost-of-Progress on

The audacity you people have is mind buggling. 

They are fairly well produced because no one is after the cameraman with a baton trying to beat his head to a pulp. No body is chasing him with an automatic weapon and he is not afraid of the rooftop snipers.

Nothing enjoyable watching staged rallies in support of a murderous anti-nationalist regime.

The "supporters" were given transportation, food, a day off and their wages while ordinary Iranians who protest do so in fear of their lives from the regime goons.

Your 30 years, the arosi is coming to an end, if not today, tomorrow. Enjoy the power while you can you murderers.