Sargord's Mid-Term Election Endorsements for California


Sargord's Mid-Term Election Endorsements for California
by Sargord Pirouz

Here are Sargord's mid-term election endorsements for the great state of California:

Governor: Jerry Brown
After the 2009 election in Iran, an Iranian-American rally was held at the San Francisco Civic Center, where Jerry attended and gave a speech pledging his support for the Iranian-American community. Jerry's a good man. I had the good fortune of meeting him in person backstage at a Elton John/Billy Joel concert in the early '00s. There, I thanked him for his granting of asylum for one of the greatest NA leaders of the 20th century; someone I met while attending university during the 1970s.

Lieutenant Governor: Gavin Newsom
I first met Gavin Newsom during his first campaign for mayor of San Francisco, during a luncheon held by a business association I was involved with at the time. He is a personable, likable guy in person. His personal sweep across town after being elected, to show his thanks to all his "little guy" supporters, was particularly memorable for those of us that saw it firsthand.

Attorney General: Kamala Harris
During the early/mid '00s I attended a social attended by Harris, select members of the DA staff, private attorneys and members of the liberal SF establishment. I support Kamala Harris' courageous position against capital punishment. I am in support of this position even though I am a victim of violent crime where a loved one was murdered many years ago in San Francisco.

U.S. Senator: Duane Roberts
Barbara Boxer is pro-Israel, anti-Iran; advocating economic warfare (sanctions) against the people of Iran. As such, a vote for Boxer is a vote against the ordinary people of Iran. Fiorina would be expected to vote for even worse measures against the people of Iran, including outright war. Thus, Duane Roberts and the advocacy of peace espoused by the Green Party is endorsed. 

U.S. Representaive: Green Party candidates
U.S. Representative candidates are numerous, but one thing stands out among them: Green party candidate advocate peace, and for this reason they are endorsed. Congresswoman Eshoo, who is up for reelection in her district, is vehemently anti-Iran and should not be voted for by anyone from the Iranian-American community. 

Don't forget to vote Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010!


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Sargord Pirouz

JJ's political ads: anything for a buck

by Sargord Pirouz on

So now IC, with it's track record of providing ads to pro-Zionist groups advocating outright war be directed against the people of Iran, now it features a Barbara Boxer political ad at the premium ad space atop the IC home page. Senator Barbara Boxer is one of the primary advocates of economic warfare (sanctions) being directed against the people of Iran.

How low will you stoop, JJ? Anything to make a dime here or there, regardless if it represents the interests of those that would cause pain and suffering among Iranians living in the Meehan. Chrissakes man, show some responsibility as a publisher.


In southern California

by iamfine on

I southern California, two Iranians are running for the city council. One of them is Mr. Harriri. I wish him the best 

Sargord Pirouz

Well, Nader, you can get a

by Sargord Pirouz on

Well, Nader, you can get a dizzying array of analytical perspectives kist about anywhere. I just thought a very personal perspective might be helpful, if just a little.

Nader Vanaki

What was on the menu?

by Nader Vanaki on


So we should vote for whoever you had lunch with?  Any particular menu item choices that might help me refine my selection would be welcome.

ta ta

Nader Vanaki