A "Conversation" With "Satan" - Is "He" For "Real"?


by Shaer

"The" Other "Night" ..
"Completely" ..
"Bereft" Of Things To "Do" ..

"My" Mind "Totally" Wondering ..
"Seeking" A "Subject" To "Embrace" ..

In All Of "Might" ..
The "God" Jehovah ..

"Seeing" My "Restlessness" ..
"Sent" An "Angel" ..

"Trying" To "Address" ..
"My" Need" ..

"I" Asked "The" Angel ..
"Is" Satan" For "Real"? ..

"Is" He A "Figment" Of "Our" Imagination? ..
Or ..
"Is" He Truly ..
"A" Fallen "Angel" ..

"The" Angel ..
"Silent" As "Can" Be ..
"Held" My "Hand" ..

"In" A "Moment" Not "Too" Soon ..
"We" were at the "Gates" Of "Hell" ..

"I" looked But "Saw" No One ..
"All" Dark ..
"And" ..
"Nothing" Terrifying ..

"I" looked At The "Angel" ..
"And" ..
"The" Angel ..
"Looked" At "Me" ..

"Nothing" Was "Said" ..

"On" Our "Way" Back ..
"The" Angel ..
"Said" ..

"Your" Heaven Is "Within" You ..
And ..
"Your" Hell Is "Within" You ..

"At" That "Moment" ..
"I" Realized ..

"That" Not "Only" ..
"The" Spirit of "God" ..
"Is" ..
"Within" Me ..

"But" ..
"So" Are ..
"The" Temptations ..
Of "Evil" ..

"May" God ..
"Give" Me The "Power" ..
"To" Overcome ..
"Evil" ..
"With" ..
"Good" ..

"Amen" ..

Copyright ©2007 Shae'r


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by Shaer on

Thank you for your "Sweet" Comments :)  - By the way, "Happy New Year" !!! (2008)


Very well said!!

by Anonymous-she on

Very interesting poem. Few days ago, I read in one of the comments that “There is no limit for our imagination”.  I always had objection towards that statement, and you described my feeling very well... I also believe within us, we have the sprit of God and the temptations of evil… so there should be a leash on our imagination to overcome the evil with goodness, and be able to walk trough a right path…

Thanks for your poem. Very well said!!