Building a nest in the sky

Building a nest in the sky
by shahireh sharif

I woke up to the hubbub of builders talking over the rhythmic noise of hammers. Curiously, I peeped over the edge of the balcony. A team of manual labourers were working together to raise the iron skeleton of the building across the street >>> photo essay
A man was ascending a four stories high pillar without any safety gear.  I could not take my eyes away from him. Fearing for his safety I watched intently, as if there were beams connecting my eyes to him, cautious that even blinking could cut off this invisible “safety net”.
Eventually the confidence displayed by ousta* began to relax me. He climbed up each column in great speed, guiding the ground team for the correct positioning of the iron beams that he subsequently welded.

Putting the safety issues aside, this photo-essay is a tribute to the group that their effective team-working skills I got to witness.  Obviously more needs to be done to protect them and others like them, both physically and financially, in the workplace.

* ousta is the term collectively given to skilled and experienced workers usually in the fields of industry and arts.


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by bambi on

Linear, rythmic quality of the photos  provided a relief for the gravity of life hanging in  line, ....well almost.


Thanks for sharing.