The Oscars acceptance speech Farhadi never gave…

The Oscars acceptance speech Farhadi never gave…
by Siamack Baniameri

I want to thank the members of the academy for finally recognizing quality moviemaking. For 33 years, we Iranian filmmakers have been making depressing movies about self-serving women and righteous men with endings that left audiences scratching their heads, wondering vaaate faak just happened. And for 33 years the academy ignored us. We perfected the art of long sighs, countless quiet scenes that lead to other quiet scenes, artificial sexual tensions followed by occasional but unintentional gay scenes.  Our great actors can make miserable faces that even make fellini get on his knees and cry for a day or two. And academy simply ignored us. We revolutionized filmmaking by taking overdramatic to a level that would push a happy child on a bottle of Prozac to the edge of insanity. Yes, we Iranian filmmakers are the masters of noefantasyrealism. On behalf of Iranian people and filmmakers, especially those that are not in solitary confinement, I would like to say, you finally got it right, bitches.   Thank you


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Mohammad Ala

Human beings

by Mohammad Ala on

I have friends in different countries who I keep in touch.  The majority liked the movie and said it was about human beings -- given the low budget and where it was filmed made the film more appealing.

  Many in Iran also thought the movie was depressing.


Hafez for Beginners

Tom Cruise is still working

by Hafez for Beginners on



Actually, the Europeans haven't ignored them - with the first Cannes Palme D'Or (essentially, the European Oscar - won 14 years ago in 1998. and many many more, since - from Venice to Berlin.)

An American friend of mine told me this was the best movie he's ever seen. These movies are not about "stories" -- they project a sentiment, a feeling. These are movies about deeper human realities - and they are not mainstream Tom Cruise stuff. Try "The Descendents" and see how hard it is to create a movie about sentiments - I found George Clooney's attempt to be really, really dull. "A Sperataion" didn't bore me for a second.

Still, it's a free world, and not all enjoyed the neo-realism of Italian cinema either.

There was nothing "depressing" about a move where every character puts a loved one first:

the wife:
her daughter

the husband:
his dad, culture and family

the house help:
her husband's material needs, the life of the Alzheimer patient lost in the streets

the child:
her parents marriage (why she had stayed with the Dad in hopes her mom would come back)

I didn't find that depressing at all. A story of empathy and altruism - where not a single character was doing the "me" thing we're so used to in the West. Sorry if it wasn't portrayed through glamour and glitz. The level of sentiment, the layers, in one Iranian art house film, needs 20 Hollywood movies that have 1 or 2 feelings packaged in lots of eye candy. Thank you Iranian cinema for showing the world that there are other deeper dimensions to the human experience.


Loved it

by MRX1 on

I loved it! I never watch these depressive movies that has been poping up for the past 30+ years from omatestan. Even ballywood figured it out long time a go that the purpose of a movie is to entertain the audiance and  make them escape reality of life for couple of hours and feel good wonce they leave movie theathres.


FINALY :)))))))))

by Yana on

shad zee




by expat on

...Love it...!



Smart idea!

by Disenchanted on


      I wish I would have come up with the idea first. Very smart!I would put a bit different content in the speech though!