وطنم وطنم وطنم

by Simorgh

The first Iranian national anthem

اولین سرود ملی ایران

شعر از بیژن ترقی‌


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Benross, purity of emotion & non-partisan nature is what clicks

by Simorgh on

previous or current anthem lack. In this song the word  Vatanam resonates powerfully as it does not have a prefix or postfix and not ideologicl. I think Yare Dabestani is the current de facto national anthem but a post IRR rousing national anthem fitting of all the love, anguish and longing of the Iranian people would come easy. I look forward to that day and will sing that anthem joyfully.


A good music is one thing, a

by benross on

A good music is one thing, a national anthem is something else. I was born and grown with 'sorood-e-shaahanshaahi' as our official national anthem. But it didn't feel as national at all. I never associated it with my identity. But in school, back in those days, we had a music class, in which 'Ey-Iran' anthem was also taught... and it clicked instantly. I don't think we can ever substitute something that clicks instantly. How it does it, I don't know. But that's what it does.

... then of-course, after the Islamic revolution, I was introduced to the anthem 'anjaza-anjaza'... that was love in the first sight!

Maryam Hojjat

payandeh Bijan Taraghi

by Maryam Hojjat on

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