مصباح يزدي.. مردم هيچ كاره اند

by sobh

مصباح يزدي --مردم چه كاره اند كه تعيين كنند...؟؟
فروردین 1389، سخنرانی در مشهد


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Good for Varamin

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


These people make me proud to be a Persian.


Better run to Syria now! Libya is no longer for you!



by MM on

if this continues, we may see clean shaven mullahs w/ ties, convenient for hanging, after a fair trial though!

PS, my father once told me, while driving on Pahlavi ave, that one day, every tree on this street will have at least one mullah hanging from it.


MM; If People of Varamin do this to mullahs.....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

before the islamist regime is even overthrown, I can just imagine what'll happen to them in Rasht, full of "la mazhabs", after the regime is gone.......

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


آتش زدن یک “روحانی” در ورامین



آتش زدن یک “روحانی” در ورامین


تابناک : یکشنبه گذشته چند فرد ناشناس با مراجعه به منزل حجت الاسلام والمسلمین ‘شیخ مهدی اسناوندی’ از روحانیون سرشناس منطقه ورامین در استان تهران از وی تقاضا می کنند برای اقامه نماز میت بر جنازه یک شخص بی بضاعت با انان همراه شود.

به گزارش شیعه نیوز‌،حجت الاسلام” اسناوندی” دعوت آنان را پذیرفته و با انان به طرف محل اقامه نماز حرکت میکند. افراد ناشناس در مسیر حرکت وی را ربوده و به امامزاده هاجر واقع در جاده چرمشهر به ورامین منتقل نموده و ایشان را با طناب به ضریح امامزاده بسته و با ریختن بنزین به اتش میکشند و از محل متواری میشوند.

با شعله ور شدن اتش و دود ناشی از ان چند فرد که از نزدیکی امامزاده عبور میکردند متوجه اتش سوزی داخل امامزاده شده و پس از مراجعه با صحنه دلخراش و بدن نیمه جان این روحانی مواجه میگردند.

 پزشکی قانونی اعلام نموده است این روحانی پیش از به اتش کشیده شدن مورد ضرب و شتم شدید قرار گرفته است.


People can only take so much of this crappola!


COP: Amen to your comment

by Bavafa on

It is absolutely mind boggling when you hear such hate speech from the camp in Iran or Saudi Arabia. They both belong to the same tavileh


In some ways, I think he actually may do Iranians a favor by exposing religion in its true form, a tool to brain wash and control masses, and helping bringing an end to religion in the form it exists now.




by Cost-of-Progress on


خیلی ساده این نشان میدهد که این کثافت ها فکر مینکنند که هیچکس بهشون نمیتونه دست بزنه. انقدر بی شرم هستند که انگار ایران و مردم ایران بردگان این بی همه چیز ها هستند. ما ایرانی ها باید واقعن خجالت بکشیم که کشور خود را دادیم دسته یک مشت زد ایرانی، ریا کار و قاتل - واقعن که تر زدن با این انقلاب  .........     





God (if there is such a thing) help you Temsah..

by mahmoudg on

When this demonic regime is toppled and the same people you have brainwashed turn against you.  You will be talking from behind bars to these morons.  Iran needs a tomorrow with out Islam, va salam (yuch! what a dirty word).


Meaning - in reality, elections r selections rubberstamped by VF

by MM on

Translation of the speech: In reality, elections in Iran are selection of preapproved candidates which must be penultimatey approved again by VF, just in case the candidate has changed his views since the initial preapproval process. 

This video is very telling of the attitude of the clergy on people's rights. Hopefully, this will change.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Soosan Khanoom

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Gandhi won against the British because they were civilized. Non violance would not have worked against an uncivilized opponent. Here is a biography of Gandhi:


Jews tried non violance against the Nazi regime: it didn' work. The IRR much more like the Nazi than the British. You turn the other cheek and they will stick a knife in it. There is neither shame nor human decency in IRR. 


Who is talking about violence?!!

by Mehrban on

I don't know very much about Gandhi, I suppose you do.  I assume he must have been mad as hell for what the British did to his country.   Non violence was his politics.  

Soosan Khanoom

Mehraban jan

by Soosan Khanoom on

Peaceful demonstrations have nothing to do with it .......  Gandhi won it against British ........ Even now all these uprising are inspired when a man put himself on fire in Tunisia  ... what would the out come be if he had blowed himself up with a few others ....  he would have been another suicide terrorist bomber..  

Violence brings more violence ....... are you in it to win or to loose ?........ 

by th eway i do not suggest putting yourself on fire either ....... i was saying of the outcome just as an example ....

I know i have preaching about peace and peaceful demonstrations a lot  .. and probably have given all of you headaches ....  but that is just me and my opinion ...... I may well be wrong



Susan Khanoom that is not the whole story

by Mehrban on

but just one convenient answer.  It is remarkable that when we are being insulted and raped we think of love and peace and when we have the power it all disappears.  It is kinda in reverse, don't you think so?

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

you asked " How is it that they dare?"

I have mentioned many times that the worst type of dictatorships is the religious one  ......

they so dare to say it ..

they so dare to do anything ......

they have brain washed people oh so badly that those crowd who cheers for them truly believe that these mullas are the representitive of God on earth ....... they followers do not even think yet alone to take any actions ....... that is why we need to support pro reform movement ..... they are the  only ones who can bring these brainwashed supporters of hard liners back to the reality ....... otherwise bombing Iran will push more people towards believing these type of Bull shits ..  now who ever who is blogging or commenting in this forum and is supporting bombing they are just making the hard liners happier ..........

Jahanshah Javid

He's da man

by Jahanshah Javid on

To understand the behavior and thinking of those who truly hold power in Iran, you need to look no further. He's their spokesman, prophet, leader with direct ties to the Hidden Imam himself. He desperately wants Khamenei's job and is in a much stronger position to topple the hopelessly bruised and battered Rafsanjani from the helm at the Council of Experts (Khobregan).

Listening to him describing the "divine" rights of clerics ruling this strange totalitarian theocracy is sad and disturbing.


We have to ask ourselves

by Mehrban on

How is it that they dare?

Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

نمونه تمامیت خواهی و بیهوده انگاشتن دیگران

Amir Sahameddin Ghiassi

مثالها فراوان هستند   من  منم و دیگران هیچ یا هچ 


همون هیچکاره ها الان بیکارن........


و بیکارها گرسنه. گرسنه ها هم تشنه. تشنه ها هم آب از منبر نمیخورن. آینده منبر را هم "خدا"ی ایشون تعیین میکنه.

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