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Google has launched a great new tool that lets you type "finglish" and it will translate it to Farsi/persian for you, this is not publicly announced yet , but the team has asked us to have our Persian speaking friends and family try it. Here is the link: // سایت گوگل این برنامه را نوشته است كه شما میتوانید به حروف لاتین فارسی بنویسید و هامان لحضه این حرف به فارسی تبدیل میشوند :-) در ضمن این متن هم با استفاده از همین وب سایت نوشته شده است


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Anahid Hojjati

Google application does seem to have problems

by Anahid Hojjati on

I tried Google program on the following text:

Sheri neveesam be finglish
Googel kardash paso peesh
Natije een shod, 

Result was:
 شعری نویسم به فینگلیش
گوگل کارداش پس پیسه
نتیجه ان شد ، 

You see that there are problems.  However, same text with Behnevis resulted in:

شری نویسم به فینگلیش
بهنویس کردش پسو پیش
نتیجه این شد،

each software has problems.  It seems to me that presently Behnevis might be better than Google 's application, at least in my quick trial. One problem I see is how Google deals with the sound after K and D in word "kardash". Word "kardash"  was changed by Google application to کارداش

 while Behnevis rightly  changed it to کردش


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