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Soosan Khanoom
by Soosan Khanoom

White House: Mubarak has chance to show who he is...


What kind of stupid talk is "show the world who he is"?

Hosni is in his 80's, he may not remember who he is.

America: Obama has a chance to show who HE is....

Ok then show your birth certificate

It's funny how the US backed and funded foreign governments always developed widespread corruption, poverty and human rights violation. Their citizens have had enough and are laying down their own lives for the good of their country and their future to get these leaders out.Foreign countries are not against citizens of the United States. They are against the US government intervention of their internal affairs in disguise ofUS Foreign Policy sort of Dictatorship through a third party.

Hey I got good DICK/BUSH idea, let's invade Egypt so we can show them what real bloody violence is all about.

The millions of dollars in "AID" they provide these countries,never reach their intended purpose. They go to the leaders of government,generals in the military and other so called "Developmental Agencies".

And Im happy your Bears lost! GO Packers!!!

Until the Egyptian people got the gumption to revolt against their government, we were in bed with their government, calling them one of our strongest allies in that region of the world. Proving once again that our government is often in bed with the wrong people

So we give Egypt over $1,500,000,000 each year and over $3,500,000,000to Israel. What do we get in return?

Is it time to play Muslims & cowboys yet?

Which ever way the wind blows is the way our beloved leader leans.

I'm not above wasting my time here and blowing useless smoke with the delusion that my opinion has worth to it. So here I am

Obama's to busy getting that mosque built at Ground Zero.

I believe that YAHOO is doing a lot of censorship on this site!

I have tried to get a web site address out about BO.

Tried 6 or 7 times. NOTHING!


OH NO!!! Not a problem for our little problem-child Israel.

If we let Egypt become democratic,

Israel won't be able to brag about how it is the only

democracy in the ME!!

We can't let that happen

I wish some of the people making comments would at least attempt to make a literate statement.

Maybe we should kick Obama's @#$% out and send it retarded @#$% to Cairo. Screw those camel jocky's

Obama doing what he does best, give another speech.

Let Darwinian theory take its natural course: Stay out for now and eventually, the weakest side will lose, then the US and Israel can step in and begin to exploit the new leadership - simple natural selection - there's a lot of untapped oil in Egypt, so it is worth our while to sit this one out and step in when the country is at its weakest...

Aren't we ( USA ) who put him in office 30 years ago when SADAT got assassinated .Now we want to throw him out because of some protesters ? attack the protesters like these other countries , put them in jail or shoot em.shame on us !!!!!!

Can Sarah Palin see Egypt from her back porch?

As long as Israel safety is ok, no one cares! This is what I kept hearing all along from the US media. Egyptian people are dying ( all the US media is talking about is what about the safety of Israel). Well it looks like Israel is safe but Egyptians are not,

I have seen it all but nothing like the censoring machine here. They would not allow my comments to pass their gates of Jerusalem!

Obama's campaigning for another peace prize. After all, it didn't take anything to get the first one.

keep talking barak

you're so helping

Egyptians are better than Americans..!

I appreciate Egyptians who make $2.00/day working hard and now demonstrating for a better life..!

Look at lazy and spoiled Americans..who collect $8.00/Hr from Govt.. without doing any work for 2 years and get another year unemployment dole, enrolling in a school. Look at President Mubarak of Egypt..who gets $1.3billion /year of our tax $$ free..for polishing the shoes of Israel.

Obama, when your in a hole, just stop digging.

I don't need to protest against President Obama hes doing a good job stock market is 12000 , I have a job (day off today) ,nice sunny weather in California , enjoying this day , enjoying the internet with some booze and food and getting ready for the super bowl LIFE IS GOOD

who are we?

I don't care what anyone says...Egypt is our business

This sucks.

Hit the road, MuBarack, and don't you come back nomo', no mo', no mo' no mo'. Hit the road, MuBarack, and don't you come back nomo'!

("Whatchu say?")

Hit the road, MuBarack, and don't you come back no mo'!

President Obama is a rightous individual. The good people of the world support him.

Gibbs for president! He's the brain behind Obama!

Tiny little Faux news tea parties, don't really count as massive street protests.

Didn't Obama call for peace? Don't they know he's the Messiah?

Or maybe a false prophet!

I thought that Mubarak was a smarter dictator than Bush until today;what he orchestrated today is a final nail to his floundering power. Bye bye Mubarak n see you in Texas.

Our President has certainly shown the world "exactly who heis". No one seems to be impressed OR scared!!

The comments I read are so ignorant and full of hate. Is it because our U.S. president is African American? I am willing to bet that it is! All you hater need to understand that God is in charge of everything. Did I make myself clear? Your racist haters don't run anything but your hateful mouths. It is a shame and disgrace for human beings to harbor so much hate in their hearts.Tell me, how do you live with yourself thinking that you are better than the next human because your skin happened to be the same color that you painted your god (Jesus) with? Don't you fools know that God does not have a color, and Jesus in not a son of the Most High (the One who created the heavens and earth). God in One without partners or family, and you pagans need to stop worshiping yourselves because there is No God but God!

What a classless horse's patoot Obama is.

CNN is making money and the fools are glued to TV .. Is this your life?


You've shown the world who you are, Mr. President. Isn't there a community in Uganda that needs organizing?

What kind of stupid talk is "show the world who he is"?

will the gasbag-in-chief pls STF up?!

Who he is ? We know that ! A corrupt blood-sucker who has ruined his country and tortured and killed thousands. How come he is not hanged like S.Hussein ???

Does Harvard admission for new students truly base on academic merit? Noway. If your father is a senator or president, you will get into Harvard, even you are a C student.

Obama Obama. Proud to have a president who can speak well.


More Camels for Americans

Gibbs for President. He's cuter than Obama!

oh Hosni, it's time to let go

Oh don't even go there trying to compare the tea party to the protesters in Egypt. The gall. The protesters in Egypt want a free and democratic society where people will let others live as they see fit, where no one tries tocontrol their lives or that of others and where their umbrella of tolerance can grow. The tea partiers on the other hand want to take their country back sothey can make everyone else believe as they do in their politics, religion and way of life. They seek less tolerance and less individual freedom. And forget being a U.S. Muslim citizen with an Egyptian heritage. The tea partiers if they had their way would ask you to leave the country. So don't even go there trying to compare the tea partiers to the young protesters in Egypt. It won't fly.

Yes, Mubarak has a chance to show who he is: An Israeli sponsored liability.

Others turned out to be carrying what seemed to be police identification, though they were dressed in plain clothes.

An Interior Ministry spokesman denied on state-run television that police identification cards had been confiscated from demonstrators. He said if they had been, they were were stolen or fake.

State television reporting Wednesday did not always match CNN's own observations of what was happening in Tahrir Square.

Several CNN journalists heard from pro-Mubarak demonstrators that they worked for the government.

Staff from the national petrochemical company saidthey had been ordered to come and protest.

"These (pro-Mubarak) protests were organized by the government and the ruling National Democratic Party," analyst Kamal Zakher told CNN. The government mustered government workers and lawmakers whose seats are threatened, he said.

Obama suggested to Mubarak that a "broad spectrum of parties" should vie for the presidency. Interesting because wedon't have a broad spectrum of parties vying in the USA.

As interesting as us losing soldiers and spending billions of dollars worrying that the governments in iraq and Afghanistan are free of corruption while our own government is infested with it.

Any chance we clean up our country before we start worrying about the rest of the world?

First step is stop voting for democrats and republicans and start voting for independents. lets get some people in office who are more worried about our country than they are about fighting with each other and trying to make each other look bad so they can win the next election.

Another fine example of how the US government has a natural instinct to bet on the wrong horse,

So guys who do you think is gonna win the Superbowl on Sunday? I predict Green Bay. Who about you all?


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