105th birthday of Poet Parvin Etesami

by Tapesh

On March 16, 1907 a girl was born in Iran who later became a literature icon and symbol of socio-political presence for Iranian women. Her name was Parvin Etesami and was recognized by many as the composer of some of the finest lyric ever written in Persian. Despite her short life which ended at the age of 35 Parvin became a source of inspiration for women in Iran who were socially and politically segregated at that time.

On the occasion of her 105th birthday Iran's national library organized a congress to honor the renowned poet.

Organized for the first time the event hosted numerous university lecturers and scholars of Persian literature who considered the gathering as an opportunity to keep Parvin Etesami's memory alive.

Parvin's passion for poetry started at the age of seven. In her teens she used her poems to raise awareness over the challenges and discriminations in her society by focusing on issues such the gap between the rich and the poor and political suppression by then Monarch Reza Shah Pahlavi. Today Parvin Etesami is known by almost all Iranians who recall her poems from their early school books; a woman whose name is listed among the biggest poets of Iran.


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A Day to Remember!

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The memorial day of March 13, 2012, as a date that finally 'Tapesh' tapped into something value worthy to blog it! With thanks, of course!