Ayatollah answer to question of a teen ager about sex while he is alone

by Tapesh

An Islamic scholar answer the question of a young Muslim about his sexual behavior while he is alone .


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صنایع دستی و هنرهای تجسمی


 "دست زدن به گناه....من کسی را میشناسم که در حین دست زدن به گناه مورد...."


"Solution" :)

by comments on

When I was at high school one of our classmates introduced a new "solution" in a regular base for masturbation on the board.  The most popular one was a blunder like cake ingredients!  I remember the white egg (no yolk).  I don't know if he introduced an egg for its reproduction system or the suitable viscosity.  God knows.....


Why is he pointing down there?

by ali_aaa on

Everytime he mentions "Dast be gonah" he points his finger to his "bad-bad" part - hmmm

Another question: What if instead of "Dast be gonah" they had "Pa be gonah" oon mogheh takif cheest?


This is too funny.  And

by afshin on

This is too funny.  And it's not Akhundism alone that is capable this sort of lunacy.  This is what all religions do when they are mixed with politics.  Try looking at CBN or any of the other evangelical outlets.  They're all the same.  I would even say that when it comes to lunacy, Islam may actually have much less of it.  

Ali P.

Think about it...

by Ali P. on

You are not abusing anyone,...

You are not molesting anyone,

You are not cheating on anyone,

You are not raping anyone,

You are not sadomizing anyone,

You are not transmitting any diseases ,

You are not fathering any unwanted child,

You are not playing with anyone's emotions,

You are not paying, or getting paid, for it,

You are not breaking any hearts,

You are not giving, or getting, any rashes,


Take a chance with all of the above, when having sex with others, but God forbid, you masturbate... Allah will burn you in hell.




Isn't sex with self, the most harmless sex- and gratifying kind- anyone could ever have? 


آخوندیسم = گناهکاریسم


گناه فقط مختص آقایان هست و بس. چر که اینها باید با تجاوز به مردم، و بلخس بچهای زیر سن بلوغ دروس اسلامی خود را پیاده کنند. وقتی موسس اسلام بچه باز و مرتكب‌ زناى بعنف‌ میشود، 

از بقیاشان چه توقع میشود داشت..


Akhonds know better.

by pedro on

The child molesting akhond should know better. Everyday they are killing, raping, torturing man and woman in Iran, then this mardake Dajal talks about dieing while committing a sin. Tof tu rotoon ey bi sharmhaye paste jenayat kar. 

I am Persia. I pray to Ahoura Mazda.