Azadi Tower construction

by Tapesh

The Azadi Tower (Persian:Borj-e Azadi meaning in English: Freedom Tower) is the symbol of Tehran, Iran, and marks the entrance to the city.

Built in 1971 in commemoration of the 2,500th anniversary of the Persian Empire, this "Gateway into Iran" was named the Shahyad Tower (meaning "Remembrance of the Shahs (Kings)") but dubbed Azadi (Freedom) after the Iranian Revolution of 1979.

It is the symbol of the country's revival, and intended to remind coming generations of the achievements of modern Iran under the Pahlavi Dynasty.

It is 50 metres (148 feet) tall and is completely clad in cut marble.


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Interview with The Architect Hossain Amanat

by faryarm on

Here is an in depth Interview about how Mr Amanat came to be chosen as the Architect of then Shahyad Monument.





by Fatollah on

he and many others didn't know about the fact, Majid jaan.






خیلی جای تعجّبه که بنائی که یک آرشیتکت بهایی (مهندس امانت) طرّاحی و اجرا کرده و متعّلق به دوران  بربریّت  عجم ها بوده (قبل از نزول اجلال منجی ایران و ایرانیان) هنوز سرپاست و سردار سازندگی (حجت الاسلام خلخالی) اون رو با خاک یکسان نکرد!


is not Azadi -

by Fatollah on

ShahYad for ever