Ban on golden coins with engraved Persian desgin

by Tapesh

The Iranian central bank baned sell of golden coins with engraved ancient signs such as Persepolis and the Hakhamaneshian dynasty called Parsian , because the exclusivity to engrave golden coins belong to the central bank . Iranians celebrate the anniversary of the ancient king Cyrus the great these days , and gift each other with such coins .


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I am guessing

by MRX1 on

There is no issue with ny coins having any sheikh pashmedin on it? It's all on purpose to destroy Iranian identity step by step.


Part of the systematic

by Cost-of-Progress on

approach to eliminate any reference from pre-islamic Iran to be included in people's daily lives.

The first ones were Arabs, the second ones were supposedly Iranians who brought us "Ghadesiyeh, Part 2, And you Thought the First One Was Bad".

Congrats People.