Exhibition of aerial photographs of Iran commissioned

by Tapesh

An exhibition of photographs commissioned by the ex queen of Iran Farah Pahlavi , shot by a Swiss photographer held in London .


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This is amazing. It’s a

by Luke_Mueller on

This is amazing. It’s a great view and does take us to another world really. Great collection of pictures here.

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yes, a bit like your khamenei and ahmadinezhad :)

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

حالا عصبانی‌ نشی‌ ها؟ فحش ندی ها؟ بلاگ نزاری ها؟ اون ضعیفه خیکی و خل تر از خودت رو دنبال ما نندازی ها؟ :)


Aerial queen

by پندارنیک on

She is the most qualified person to open such exhibition. The Pahlavis always observed the country from high above, with no clue of what was happening on the surface, or how it was boiling underneath.