French movie shines light on role of Muslims in

by Tapesh

French movie, "Les hommes libres," - 'The Free Men' - brings to the big screen the little known story of Muslim men and women who saved the lives of Jews during the Second World War.


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Darius Kadivar

Good Movie with Michael Lonsdale

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Thanks Tapesh Jan,


I was actually going to blog on this but then I guess you drew faster ;0) 


The film Got Very Good Reviews here in France.


Lonsdale who is best remembered outside France as the Good Ol Ex James Bond Villain From Moonraker is much loved here.


He also played in Xavier Beauvois Cannes Awarded Film set in algeria last year :


THEOCRACY ON SCREEN: Xavier Beauvois' "Of Gods and Men" 


Lonsdale seems to be fond of playing clerics since as you may know he also played in Jean Jacques Annaud's "Name of the Rose" opposite Sean Connery:


The Name of the Rose - Trailer



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