Hasani attack Azarnbayjan for protecting Gay parade

by Tapesh

Leading the Friday prayer of the town of Urmieh on 11 May ,the notorious Ayatollah , Gholamreza Hasani attack the republic of Azarbayjan for protection of gay parade and hosting Eurovision song contest and call the Intenational organization to help Muslims of that country !


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shiism supports sodomy

by asadabad on

According to sistani, shiism permits sodomy.  Quoted straight from the terrorist's website:


The Azeris are just practicing shiism.  Hasani should be thanking them!


Hassan chop

by Rastin on



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory (courtesy of Bavafa)


looking forward to the first shia gay parade in shahyad square

by mousa67 on

after the regime change in tehran. where i shall give out my home made felafel with free pepsi or coke (limited offer to mr ahmadinejad & his cyber mamoors).


Akhoonds rub their noses in everybodys' Shit

by Azarbanoo on

That is the defination of akhoond.