How Imam Hosein prevented Abraham to sacrifice his son for the God

by Tapesh

An Iranian Shia clergyman tell how the Shia Imam Hosein prevented the son of prophet Abraham to be sacrificed by his father for the God . Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid al-Adha (Ghorbaan ) and sacifice hundreds of thousands animals such as sheep and cow for honoring the anniversary . According to holly books , there is thousands years of difference between the date of birth of prophet Abraham and Imam husein !


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آهای مردم


آهای مردم ایران:
هزار تبریک که شما اجازه میدین یک سری دزد مفت خور بیسواد با این مزخرفات ۳۲ سال از شما سواری بگیرند. کجا رفت آن خرد ایرانی ها، کجا رفت غرور و سرافرازی؟ بابا آخه خریت چقدر؟





Sounds more like "soup opera" than a divine plan!

by Disenchanted on


       One wonders why he didn't intervine early on to stop Adam and Eve from eating the forbidden fruit and kicked off heaven as a result! That would have saved lots of folks lots of headaches! :-)



Messed up comments

by Zorumbaa on

Sorry for the messed up comments, something has gone wrong somewhere!


Imam Hussein Tells god to Back-Off!

by Zorumbaa on

Imam Hussein holds his hand up
and tells god
, hey dude you are going too far! You can’t order Ebrahim
to kill his son. Then Imam tells god that is selfish of you (my words!) if you order Ebrahim to kill his son, and if he does,  then I CAN NOT BE BORN! He is my grand, grand
(many other grand) father!
So god backs off and Abe just scratches (with
his knife of course) his son’s neck and many thousand years later Imam Hussein
is born, Amazing!

If you think carefully you will notice that Imam Hussein IS CAPABLE OF TIME TRAVEL !! He is PREVENTING
the killing of his very FIRST grandfather BEFORE HE IS HIMSELF BORN!
I am not mistaken Imam Hussein was born in 626 CE, but according to this Islamic
scholar a.k.a. Aakhoond, Imam must have been at the place of sacrifice many
thousand years earlier!!

Can anyone clarify this issue please? I thought son was
killed by father by the order of god and that is . I didn’t know that Shiat
Moslems believe Imam Hussein is so powerful and imperial that can make god to back-off
from his all-mighty decision!

I got really confused , so I go to Bob Dylan Highway 61 who says:  God said to Abraham, Go kill me a son, Abe
said, Man, you must be puttin’ me on. The song concludes with: God said you can
do what you want, Abe, but next time you see me comin’, you’d better run. Well,
Abe said, where you want this killin’ done? God said, do it on Highway 61.

I kept listening to this great Bob Dylan song with more
questions and confusion!


داستان از پیاز پوس کندن بیشتر اشک مییاره عجب روزگاری است نازنین!


The Satanic Speech!

by Tavana on

The devil could show up in any form or shape. As a clergyman, as a religious leader, as a banker, and as anybody you name it. But once again we are not supposed to 'stretch' with the 3 billions dollars of a banker's embezzlement in our country & not to 'raise' voices against such devil's speech on a public podium! 


شیطونه میگه...




...بابا رضایت بدیم، برن این سیرک چندش آور رو تمومش
کنن...........ولی بازم نه! هرچی‌ باشه، درستش می‌کنیم....فضولی خارجیا