How music instruments showed at Iranian TV

by Tapesh

According to Shia cleric verdicts, music instruments appearance banned at Iranian TV. So, producers, directors and editors resort to stupid and funny solutions to broadcast some cultural events like concerts.


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With those pieces

by divaneh on

of fantastic music, I wish they blocked the voice too.


There is a common belief among old mullahs

by HHH on

That one can even molest a child as long as it's done in secret. Mullahs drink, commit rape, adultry and molestation, gather in meetings to use profanity while drinking vodka and smoke hashish but the rule is that it should all be done in utmost secrecy.

As Elmer Fudd says: shshshshshshsh Be Wewy Wewy quiet, or the people will find out.

Of course we already know. We knew khamenehii's secret when he was a young mullah in Mashad.



by yolanda on

It is sad! Apparently there is no freedom there!

hamsade ghadimi

آقای ایر، چیه

hamsade ghadimi

آقای ایر، چیه میترسن مردم حشری بشن آلت موسیقی‌ ببینند. اگر میشه توضیح بدین چرا صدای موسیقی‌ اشکال نداره ولی‌ تصویر آلت موسیقی‌ مردم مذهبی‌ (و یا مرجع) رو ناراحت میکنه. 


Music is allowed but instruments are not ?

by Rea on

Go figure.


We have a large religious population

by IRI on

Eventually we will be able to convince people that these things are fine. The Islamic Republic is greatly concerned about their mass supporters and their beliefs. We certainly do not want to hurt the majority of our people and god forbid they call us sinners.
If Marja e taghlid come to terms with rest of our religious population that such showing is not hurtful, then why not show it? Enshalah.