Interview of Queen Farah Diba Anniversary of Alireza Pahlavi

by Tapesh

Interview of Queen Farah Diba Anniversary of Alireza Pahlavi .Pars Tv.



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So many dishonest Iranians

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

"their university charity" is a charity for any Iranian regardless of any discimination at all. And their Son actually belongs to all Iranians, not just themselves, that is what has defended our culture.  Many of the people of Iran have love for little but they can spare some love for the monarchy, now that they are wiser and consciously familiar with all the other faces of Iranians.  Fairness and Equality in Justice  can't be based on ignorance.  I see the lord wasn't good to some other people here either, or was it they just never chose to make use of any of the gifts they were given which they had nothing to do to earn?????

TigerLily, Iran was getting much better year after year, and while poverty existed, it had been massively reduced especially after 1976.  The peoples welfare was in the best hands the country had and the future of Iranians was a bright one, I say was bright because the truth is that through no fault of the monarchy which proved it was GOOD for Iran, its future is no longer a bright one, maybe when the light bulb slowly comes on the people will realize how stupid they were collectively.  There is always hope. 

Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on

watch the video, she says so herself. something like:" oon akhara, geda sare kooche nabood."

don't blame me, blame her.

P.S. true. I don't like it when people do this Weweeying either. 'Will pay attention and phrase better. 


Tiger Lilly

by Simorgh5555 on

"previously, they just took anything they liked, stole, tortured and murdered it out of us"

Whose 'us', Tiger Lilly? Just think for yourself and not feel obliged to conform to the Lefty LSE Noam Chomsky groupies you speak like. You are a product of born Iranian middle class family during the time of the Shah before coming to London.  Please just be a bit more thoughtful and feel less compelled to be anti-Shah because the School of Left Wing thought dictates so. Farah is not on the record anywhere as saying that beggars and poverty did not exist under the Shah and I defy you to find a single source where she has stated this. What she does say is that the extent of poverty in Iran and the amount of child beggars have increased under the IR. You only have to visit Iran to know this is completely true. The Shah's rule was not perfect by any stretch of the imagination (I'm not a huge fan of Reza Pahlavi either) and despite the shortcommings there were many things which were good but Left Wing school of thought says, 'Shah was bad' and you have to repeat it like a broken record. 


Tiger Lily

amirBareitAll, your turn to look at it from the bright side ;)

by Tiger Lily on

previously, they just took anything they liked, stole, tortured and murdered it out of us, because, of course, according to this madame (I mean in the classical sense) there were no beggars on the streets, and now they ask us to donate. 

I can't wait for the future ex-mullahs to copy them. LOL!


P.S. I was listening to this trash eariler and kept thinking: in chera intorieye? followed by: behtare nadoonni, TLjoonam, it's unhealthy.



Our dear Shahbanou....

by Siavash300 on

Our heart is with you and wish you health and happiness in life. Some idiots talks out of ignorancy, I am sure you have a big heart and forgive these idiots. God Bless AliReza. R.I.P.



As LOW as snakes belly

by amirkabear4u on

It is unbelievable, this backward family could not get any lower. They are collecting money from hard working middle class Iranian for their university charity.

Oh of course they do not have ANY money themselves.

Fairness and Equality in Justice


Of "corrupt Pahlavist" propaganda factory...

by پندارنیک on



این دوتا سی‌ ساله که به همدیگه درود می‌فرستن.........فرح باید در
صدد باشد که در اولین فرصت جنازه شوهرش را از جمهوری اسلامی مصر خارج کند.