Iran Team in Olympic Munich 1972

by Tapesh

Iran Boxing National Team: 5 Persons of 6 persons are from Bandar-e Anzali , one Head Coach and 4 Boxers , 1. Mozafar Mosaferi ( Coach ) 2. Nosrat Vakil Monfared 3. Hossein Eghmaz 4. Mohammad Azar Hazin. 5. Jabbar Feli kapoorchali , and the 5th Boxer is Manoochehr Bahmani (Decedent), from Abadan.


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ey baabaa

by onlyinamrica on

bezaar bereh


Yadesh Bekhair.....1972 Olympic....

by fanoos on

We were a bunch of kids standing in front of this TV store watching the freestyle wrestling match between the 4 time world champion Ebrahim Javadi losing to the USSR Dimitriyev for a Bronze medal... We were all crying for our home town hero ... Ebrahim was robbed out of a Gold medal... Yadesh Bekhair...


Pendar Milk

by Faramarz on

East Germans finished in the 3rd place behind the Soviets and the US in 1972 Olympics. This was the Olympics that the East Germans were caught with women swimmers taking steroids and shot putters looking more manly than the butchers in Leipzig!


ranks #28

by پندارنیک on

In 1972, East Germany got the most medals..............they were always on top in the Olympics..............Were they not?



by yolanda on

In 1972, Iran's Olympic medal count ranks #28 in the world.

In 2008, Iran's Olympic medal count ranks #51 in the world!