Iranian TV blame Abadan Police Colonel for his interview

by Tapesh

The Iranian television blame the ex commander of police force in the town of Abadan who resides in United States Colonel Ardeshir Bayat to be a part of Savak and Shah regime official who burned "Cinema Rex Abadan" resulting to death of 400 people in 1978 .



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by Fatollah on

seems the masterminds of Cinema Rex tragedy are alive and well, but feel threaten and don't like the presence of Colonel Bayat !!!


The Islamists bastards did it to take power

by Shirzadegan on

Everybody knows the Islamic monsters did it and blamed it on S.A.V.A.K and shah. They burned innocent people just to take a power. They did everything they could to provoke naive Iranian people against shah.


come on

by MRX on

Islamo facists are notorious killers and evety one knows that. I guaranty if they did not succeed in burning this cinema they would have found a larger venu and killed more people just to pass the blame to previous regime and to make thier so called revolution succeed.