Islam Permits Marriage With Under-Age Girls

by Tapesh

Saudi Cleric Muhammad Musa Al-Sharif Defends the Marrying Off of Under-Age Girls in Saudi Arabia.

in Arabic,english subtl.



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Of abusers and abused!

by Arj on

It's interesting that Islamists envoke Aysha in this regard, while she herself was a victim of child abuse in the first place. In other words, they start with abusing a 7-8 year old child and force her to perform matrimonial duties for her 50 year old husband (Mohammad), yet set her as a moral compass for women's role in the Islamic world.

Nonetheless, interestingly, the "expert/Dr." concededs that Islamic laws are not practical when he's asked if he would personally allow  his own 10 yer old daughter being married off to an older man!


My problem

by Rea on

...... with that "wahhabi exporting country" is their money goes way too far, even to places as far away as Bosnia. Personally, I'd rather not see them in Europe at all.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

shia sonnis vahabis hana......

They're all T.S.S

The same Sh.......

Under the Burning sun of desert

min belads al hasharin every thing is possible

As they progressed!! by time they repeat an American slogan like What EVER happens in Medina Stays in Medina!



Shias, Islam and Progress

by Cost-of-Progress on

Looks like you've been smoking some of that fine infidel weed down under "mate".... Shia...Islam...Progress? The three do not fit in one sentence much like Islamic democracy DOES NOT exist; never has. You are the king of oxymorons!






by hirre on

"...Shi'a progress with time..." ...

Clearly we have witnessed great social and economical progress in Iran since 1979, don't you think?



by asadabad on

You're full of contradictions.  The word "shia" means follower of Mohammad.  How can you condemn Mohammad's pedophilia and also claim to be his faithful follower?

You're shooting yourself in the foot.


What do you expect from Barbaric Islam &Quran

by IranFirst on

When so-called prophet starts molesting a 6 year old child for 3 years
(look up disgusting practice of "thighing" practiced by Mo , to satisfy
his animal instincts) and then starts to rape her when she is 9.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Tavana God?

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


How do you know God dictated Quoran and not man. Why should I not think it was made up by Mohammad and Salman. Is there any proof of it. In fact how do I know any of the holy books are by God.

The way people used to "prove" things was by miracles. But now we may replicate them with modern technology. Without proof I have to assume all holy books are work of people. Meaning I will have to rely on my own judgment.

When it all is done if there is a God I will be able to justify my actions. Not based on some book which may or may not be right. Rather by my own judgment and ability to tell between what is good and bad.

Mohammad Ala

Please do not disrespect animals

by Mohammad Ala on

Please do not disrespect animals.  They behave better than this divoneh.


That is a good one Salman Farsi

by fozolie on

I had not laughed so much in a long time. That was a good one, give us a few more of these preposterous nuggets.

Mr. Fozolie


"Aisha said if a girl reach the age of 9 ... "

by Fatollah on

stopped listning just there!!! look at him! he doesn't seem to be from this century !

a bunch of sadistic sons of bitches living in a desert some 1400 years a go, are now the moral compass for these fuckers to make a living out of it ...

sodomising innocent young girls? sick bastard defending it, and who the hell was Aisha? is this normal human behaviour ?

I would rather live with animals in a jungle then these MF. 


The True Witness!

by Tavana on

GOD & only GOD could testify about OK or NO'K OF anything in 1400 years ago! GOD was the same creator/witness 'those days' as he is 'these days.' He is the same ONE!

There is absolutely 'nothing' mentioned about the couple's ages in Ghoron. Nothing. GOD has honored human with 'brain' to use it when it comes to makng decisions.The GOD's guidance/religion has no sects & both Shia & Wahabi have been 'invented' by the 'frozen minds' who run away from Ghoron!

"turning to him, and be careful of (your duty to) him and keep up prayer and be not of the polytheists; those who split up their religion, and become (mere) sects,- each party rejoicing in that which is with itself!" (GHORON, 30:31-32)" 

salman farsi

It was OK 1400 years ago but not these days

by salman farsi on



This is the difference between the Shi'a and Wahabi sects. Shi'a progress with time but Wahabis are frozen in time. 

For an Islamic democracy