Larijani welcome released Palestinian prosoners in Majlis

by Tapesh

A group of Palestinian prisoners released from Israeli jail under a deal made between Hamas and Israel were welcomed by the speaker Ali Larijani in Majlis on Tuesday 20 December .


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Larijanis should go back to Iraq!

by ilovechelokebab on

The Larijanis should all go back to Iraq and apply for jobs under Nouri Al Maliki's government. They have no business being in Iran. They are Iraqis! Not that its a bad thing, Iraqis are decent people but they should have their citizenship stripped and then serve prison senances as Iraqis not as Iranians!

Tiger Lily

migam, ta key begam: Human Rights is current Fashion Accessory

by Tiger Lily on

 From RP to every other nimcumpoopsters

They're all at it.

None , or rather most, of it is of benevolent substance.