A man was hanged in public in the town of Gazvin

by Tapesh

A van driver was hanged in public on Thursday 26 May in the town of Gazvin . The convict was introduced as a serial killer and rapist who committed several crime in that town .


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"since I dont believe..."

by Roozbeh_Gilani on


Nobody believes what the islamist regime says anymore.

Two key points to understnad about this wave of executions in Iran:

1) Regime is using the executions, public or otherwise as a tool of terror, in a measured and calculated manner, at the time of increasing public unrest about regime's failed political and economical policies.

2) A large number of political prisoners are known to have been executed as 'common criminals' recently, in Isfahan, Khuzestan , khorassan and kerman provinces.

We shall neither forget, nor forgive. Our day will come...


Maryam Hojjat

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Since I do not believe in what IRR/IRI says.