The man who knows Persia and Persian better than Iranians

by Tapesh

The ex American Embassy hostage in Tehran John Limbert was teaching in Pahlavi university in Shraz during Shah era . He was appointed then as diplomat to the US embassy in Tehran a year before the embassy was captured by so called students and spent 444 days in captivity . Some Iranians do not consider Limbert as a friend beccause his collaboration with “”National Iranian American Council”" NIAC , but like his deep knowledge of Iran , its history and the Persian language . This is parts of John Limbert speech in a cultural association in the United States . John Limbert is teaching in United States Naval Academy at present .



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a good man & knowledgeable on Iran

by MM on



Wow, he speaks perfect Persian

by statira on

and very knowledgable, unlike other Americans.


Sounds like a case of Stockholm Syndrome

by elhrac on

Some hostages never recover from their traumatic experience.



by masoudA on

Limbert knows Iran better than Iranians... loooooool 

So what is the angle?  Limbert is writing a new book of mis-information on Iran? 


Darius Kadivar

Limbert Definitively Loves Iran But doesn't Know Iran

by Darius Kadivar on

Despite being married to an IRanian and speaking the language better than many Iranians. Yet ... 

I had a Minimum of Respect for Limbert before this conference along with that other Idiot Mansour Farhang:


Limbert Definitively Loves Iran But Loves Badly and should I add Wrongly ! 

Naive at Best !

His Infatuation for the IRI and it's Think Tanks is Most Probably the Result of a Stockholm Syndrom due to 444 Days in Bad Company:

GUEST OF THE AYATOLLAH: Ali Khamenei visits US diplomat John Limbert at occupied US Embassy (1979)



Any association with NIAC

by mahmoudg on

is suspicious.  Any association with the lobby of ths Islamic Rapist Cultists is tantamount to having direct relationships with terrorists.  You will have to answer to these allegations when Iran is freed.....


Limbert, a great friend of Iran and Iranians


:"Some Iranians do not consider Limbert as a friend beccause his collaboration with “”National Iranian American Council”" "

... of course, but then again these are the few Iranians who consider John Bolton, Sarah Palin, Rudy Giuliani etc  a friend!