The persian speaking Russian ambassador in Tehran

by Tapesh

The Persian speaking Russian ambassador in Tehran promised that the nuclear Bushir power plant will produce electricity very soon but denied to mention a date , he said Insha Allah !


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Coomentator is Borg e Zahre

by alx1711 on

Coomentator is Borg e Zahre Mar... i wonder who hand picks these commentators..


What is the Rush?

by Faramarz on

It took mankind thousands of years to make fire, why be so hasty with electricity!

hamsade ghadimi

chakhan kardan in the

by hamsade ghadimi on

chakhan kardan in the native language is a requirement for those who get appointed ambassadorships from russia. :) 

as soon as they figure out the stuxnet worm (which is soon), they'll produce electricity from the bushehr plant (sooner than later).


he speaks Persian and

by Reality-Bites on

he said "insha allah", did he? So what does he want, a medal? Alright, somebody give that man a medal.