The real prophets

by Tapesh

A prophet is the vessel which God uses to get His Word heard in the earth. The Scientists like Newton, Kepler, Poicare, Hisenberg, Planck, Bron, Bohr, hilbert and others are the real phrophets that help us to understand the words of God which is never used any human language but the language of physics and mathematics. Mr. Bahram Moshiri in this video talks about newton's laws which have been very important for us as the modern human!




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Zende Baad Ostad Moshiri

by ramintork on

Yes indeed. We owe our understanding of Universe to matematicians and scientists.

It is always nice to listen to Ostad Moshiri's programs.

Maryam Hojjat

Indeed, These famous scientists are real Prophets

by Maryam Hojjat on

Who have changed the life of human for betterment.  Our fake phrophets of course have not done anything for betterment of life except prejedice and anomacity of different faith against each other.  These faked prophetes has caused death of so many human in the history of mankind with the religions.