Sadegh Tabatabai teach Iranians how to vote

by Tapesh

Sadegh Tabatabai brother in law of Ahmad Khomeini and son in law of Lebanese Imam Mous Sadr teach Iranians how to vote in the referendum of Islamic Republic on 30 March 1979 . Tabatabaei get wealthy in the Islamic Republic and was arrested in 1983 for transportation of opium in his suitcase . The German court ruled that because of his diplomatic position , he was immune to be prosecuted in German courts .



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Lottery Ticket is Not a Ballot!

by bahmani on

By voting in an Iranian election, you are only selecting the winner of the lottery in question (Majles, President, dog catcher, it does not matter) whose ONLY function is he (rarely she) gets to lick the boot of Khamenei.

Then he gets a life of luxury, car house, money, ability to steal any low hanging fruit or business opportunities he can get his hands on, and the benefits go up from there.

Of course everyone in Iran should vote, so you get the right stamps in your passport and ID card and so on, but don't actually defend it, or glorify it, or do it thinking it is a patriotic duty or get any sort ridiculous notions like that in your head.

Ideally, 99% of Iranians would vote, but not one candidate could be elected, because everyone put down "Mr. Obscenity" as their choice.

I'd certainly vote for him!

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