Saudi insults to Iranian female pilgrims

by Tapesh

Iran's Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization has expressed strong protest against the fingerprinting of Iranian women pilgrims by Saudi airport officials. Iran will give a suitable response to the insulting Saudi move, an official of the organization, Abdollah Nassiri, told IRNA. Police in Saudi Arabia have insulted Iranian female Hajj pilgrims by fingerprinting and even touching them harshly at Jeddah International Airport. It was not the first time that the Saudi police have fingerprinted Iranians entering the country for participating in the Hajj. In August, 2007, Saudi police insulted Iranian Hajj pilgrims by taking mug shots and fingerprinting them at Jeddah International Airport.

They also scanned and have maintained records of Iranian pilgrims' passports and other documents since the beginning of the year. Nassiri said that Saudi officials had previously vowed to pursue the case. "However, they broke their promise." According to international law, only those travelers deemed to be criminals or terrorists can be fingerprinted. The Representative of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution for Hajj and Pilgrimage Affairs, Ayatollah Mohammad Mohammadi Reishahri, had earlier stated that such offenses are aimed at weakening unity between Iran and Saudi Arabia.


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a-rabs treatment of Iranina women

by zoroast100 on

Aayrbas & the jews have the same intentions, to milk the Persinas, one way or another; I agree, the world will be less miserable with both. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Do they deserve this?

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Friends, you know I am pretty harsh on Islamists. However I don't think they deserve this. These people are ignorant but not evil. In their misguided way these people are trying to do"the right" thing.

I hope that the experience and other experiences will wake some of them up. Maybe they will see how ridiculous it to mark a place as "God's house". As if God needs a house!

God is not some dude who needs a roof!


Divaneh - Saudis have 5 billion smackeroo reasons to let them in

by MM on

See my previous comments in this blog on the money trail.

As far as the Shi'a/Sunni recognition, originally, the Al-Azhar Shia Fatwa in 1959 called a truce between the two sects after 10 years of negociations amongst the leaders of the two sects, but there has not been a widespread agreement and you see crap like below:

Imam Bukhari’s Fatwa On Befriending Shias (Jahmis’, Jews & Christians)

Imam Bukhari declared: “I don’t see any difference between praying Salah behind a Jahmi or a (Shia) Rafidhi and a Christian or a Jew. They (Jahmis/Rafidhis) are not to be greeted, nor are they to be visited, nor are they to be married, nor is their testimony to be accepted, nor are their sacrifices to be eaten.”(Khalq Af’aalul-’Ibaad, p.14)



They deserve worse

by divaneh on

Anyone who has never sat down to think that all this haji maji has never been anything but business, deserves to receive even a worse treatment.


If they have declared the Shia as non-Muslims, then why do they allow them to enter Mecca? Is it not true that only Muslim should be allowed into Mecca and Kaabe?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Don't get too upest! It is hard to see why some blogs take off and others don't. But I promise you blogs trashing AN get plenty of air time. No shortage of people ready to kick AN!


Well they are islamists

by Iraniandudee3 on

So who cares? Do us a favour and blow their brains out next time, tazis :)

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Ali P

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are partially right. Each nation has the "ability" to run its own borders. But there is something known as  human decency. I think people have a right to be treated decently.  No government has the right to violate this.

As for people making their own decision: that is why I did not take the Saudi job. Why do you think it pays so well? Because they have a bad reputation. Many people don't want to go there.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

would an Iranian want to go to Saudi? Nothing good comes from it. The Saudi hate us and we have no reason to go there.
I was offered a huge cushy deal to go work in Saudi for 2 years. They thought being Iranian I would pass as a Muslim. That'll make the Arabs feel better and it would make it easier. The money was good  and I would have got a hadji for free? I could rename myself to Hadji VPK!! 
Turned it down. No thanks; not for me. If you get in a car accident and you are not an Arab it is * automatically* your fault! Talk of being racist. Yup; not of uber race makes you guilty; no need for trial. 
Not Hadji VPK



by amirkabear4u on

It is really amazing such a basic news related blog gets 16 comments and 608 reads, with the last one even agreeing to rape! But a blog relating to ahmadeenejad, the dictator, been jew gets a lot less. Doesn't anyone mind he could be a traitor or spy?????

Then what are you people? A lot of you asking for democracy and freedom but this is your reaction to other peoples's religion. All this is because the blog is to do with islam. Any reaction is justified including psychopathic ones. How can you create peace in your country with so many muslems living there with such attitude??

I agree to Ali P.

Fairness and Equality in Justice


Good, the Saudis should rape the women next

by i_support_khamenie on

Next time these bitches and their husbands would reconsider visiting that filth land...and rotating like midless creatures 7 times around God's House.

Let's not forget that in 1996, I think, Allah treated his visitors to a stampede that killed over 900 people.

I remember an old lady who decided to forgo a visit to Syria's Lady Zainab tomb and decided instead to spend the money to buy gifts and toys for poor kids for the new year. Now that is the spirit.

Not that I hate anyone, but I hope that Arabs and Jews go at it. I hope Arabs blow up Temple Mount and Jews retaliate by finishing off Mecca.....then and only then the World will be at peace...when there is no Arab and no Jew

It is only in Iran National Interest for both of these people and their entire oral and written traditions to be wiped out!

Little Tweet


by Little Tweet on

is totally overrated anyway! Have a stacation like most of the Americans do!  :D


Thank you - here is some more

by MM on

As I said, I cannot vouch for the exact numbers but the rudeness of Saudi authorities towards Iranian pilgrims is pretty obvious and out in the open.  This situation is further wosened by the Saudi Shaikh fatwas which consider Iranian Shi'a religion as non-Muslims which makes me ask why cannot the Shi'a Ayatollahs ..........   

Furthermore, one pilgrim actually told me that there is a cemetery where the kin-folks of the prophet are burried which includes a few revered Shi'a Imams.  There, the Saudis had placed policemen (sharteh?) with battons to disperse the Shi'a pilgrims who wanted to say a few prayers at the Imams' graves.

maziar 58

Real mc coy

by maziar 58 on

I 'd heard about "khasi dar meyghat" by jalal ale ahmad but never read  the book; what was it all about.

P.S the only solution to the haj fiasco is to CANCELL it all together  till further notice; even though I'm against KHORAFAT.               Maziar


حکیم ابوالقاسم فردوسی




هــمــانا که آمــد شــما را خبـــــر
که مــــا را چه آمد ز اخـــــــتر به ســـر

از این مار خوار اهریمن چهـــرگان
ز دانایی و شــــــــرم بــــی بهرگـــــان

نه گنج و نه نام و نه تخت و نـــژاد
همی داد خواهند گیتـــــــی به بــــاد

از این زاغ ســاران بی آب و رنــگ
نه هوش و نه دانش نه نام و نه ننگ

هم آتـــــش بــمردی به آتشـــکده
شــــدی تیره نوروز و جــــــشن سده

نه تخت و نه دیهیم بینی نه شهر
ز اخــــــتر هـــــمه تــــازیان راست بر

برنــجـــد یکی دیــــگـری برخــــورد
بــــداد و بــــبـــخش هـــــــمی ننگرد

پیاده شود مـردم جـــنگ جــــــوی
سوار آنک لاف آرد و گفـت و گـــــــوی

شود خار هر کـس که بد ارجــمند
فرومـــــایـــه را بــخـــت گــــــــردد بلند

کشاورز جنگی شـود بـــی هــنــر
نــــژاد و بـــــــزرگی نـــــــیـــــاید به بر

ربــایــد هـمی این از آن آن از این
ز نـــفـــریــــن نــــدانــنـــــــد باز آفرین

هــمــه گنــج ها زیر دامــن نــهنـد
بـــمیــــرند و کوشش به دشمن نهند

زیان کسان از پـــی سـود خویش
بــــجــویــنـــد و دیــن انــدر آرند پیش

بــریــزند خــون از پــی خواســتــه
شــود روزگــار مــهــان کـــــــــــاسته

ز شیـر شـتر خـوردن و سـوسـمار
عــــرب را به جــایی رسیدسـت کار

که تـــــاج کیــــانــــــی کـــنـــد آرزو
تــفــو بــر تــو ای چــرخ گـــردون تفو

همه بوم ایـران تو ویـــران شــمـــر
کــنام پـلــنگان و شــیــران شــمــر

پـــــر از درد دیـــــــدم دل پارســـــا
که اندر جـــهــان دیـــو بــد پادشـــاه

نــــمانــیــم کـیـن بوم ویــران کنند
هــمــی غــارت از شــهـر ایران کنند

نـــــخوانـنـد بر ما کــــسـی آفــرین
چـــو ویـــران بود بوم ایـــران زمـــین

دریغ است ایران که ویـــران شـــود
کـــنــام پــلنــگان و شــیران شـــود

همه سربه سر تن به کشتن دهیم
از آن به که ایران به دشمن دهیم

چو ایـــران مبـــــاشد تــــن من مباد
در این مرز و بوم زنده یک تن مباد…




Dear MM

by Pahlevan on

Those are some shocking stats. Millions of Iranian children sleep hungry every night, yet this cursed government encourages and funds people to go on hajj. billions spent to fund some of the most anti-Iranian forces in the world. Is that what they call "Islamic Justice"? 

thanks for sharing my friend, 



by Fatollah on

Thanks for sharing the e-mail with the rest of us.

simple fact, Kaabeh in Makkeh was a source of income for some before the time of Mohammad and Islam, the tradition was kept alive of either Mohammad himself or his successors. Khan-e khoda!? I thought God is everywhere and why on earth would God want to have a house there?

Ali P.

Each country can run her border control any way she likes.

by Ali P. on

You can't really bitch about it too much.

Some times it is worth it, being humiliated and abused, just to get in.

Some times, it is not.

These people, I am sure, will consider that in the future.


Don't go to Mecca!

by statira on

Cheshmeshoon koor dandeshoon narm. Vaghti een hameh arze keshvaro midand be ye mosht arabe ghoshneh, bayadam araba bashoon badraftari konand. Ghadeema, een Makeh  ye darodokoon barayeh een arabayeh ghoshneh boodeh ta be ye navaee beresand. Mahammad ham khoob kolahee sare donya ghozasht!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Mahmoud Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

I know you are angry and so am I.  But we don't all follow Islam. There are many Iranians who do not.

We do matter and it is our job to teach the masses to stop following Arabs. The masses will follow whomever is charismatic and strong. One day Germans were following Hitler next day spitting on his name. The right leadership will have Iranians spitting on Islam within a generation. Mark my words on this one.


and yet we follow the worthless Arab Cult

by mahmoudg on

we call Islam.  Our enemies rae not the US or Israel but the Saudi's and the Arabs.  The sooner we rid our counutry of the Islamic regime, and the sooner we educate our masses that religion and in particular this Arab cult who was led by a child molester is waste of time, the sooner we can start rebuilding our Nation and take to the grand image it once had.  We are better than Arabs and we can show the world what Persians are made of, how different and better we are than the A-rabs.


got this email below - how true? - you tell me!

by MM on

طبق آمار بانک جهانی در سال 2008 درآمد کشور عربستان از توریسم یا به زبان ساده از زیارت مسلمین در خانه کعبه معادل مبلغ 29.865.000.000 دلار یا قریب سی میلیارد دلار بوده است زائرین ایرانی که بصورت تمتع و یا عمره در همان سال به مکه رفته اند 1.937.000 نفر بوده اند که مجموعا مبلغ 4.879.000.000 دلار یا بعبارتی قریب به مبلغ پنج میلیارد دلار درآمد تقدیم اقتصاد پادشاهان عربستان کرده اند و در میان تمام کشورهای اسلامی مقام اول را به خود اختصاص داده اند. نظر باینکه هواپیمائی جمهوری اسلامی قدرت جابجائی اینهمه زائر را نداشته است شرکت هواپیمائی عربستان قریب به 54 درصد از زائران ایرانی را به خود اختصاص داده است...طبق گزارش مقامات دیپلماتیک ایران در سال 2008 ماموران کشور عربستان بدترین و توهین آمیز ترین رفتار را با زوار ایرانی داشته اند و ایران از لحاظ توهین ماموران عربستان مقام اول را به خود اختصاص داده است. علمای عربستان در همان سال فتوی صادر کرده اند که ایرانیان شیعه کافر هستند.طبق یک گزارش دیپلماتیک دیگر زائران ایرانی ناخواسته ترین و منفورترین خارجی ها در عربستان محسوب می شده اند. با یک حساب سرانگشتی بوسیله پولی که ایرانیان سالانه به عربستان (دشمن شیعه ایرانی) تقدیم می کنند می توان تعداد 170.000 مسکن روستائی احداث کرد... یا میتوان 714.286 فرصت شغلی کشاورزی یا 200.000 فرصت شغلی صنعتی برای جوانان ایجاد کرد یا میتوان 10.000.000 متر مربع ساختمان مدرسه و ورزشی در کشور ایجاد کرد ویا میتوان با پول حجاج دوسال یک پالایشگاه سوپر مدرن با ظرفیت 75000 بشکه احداث کرد ویا با پول پنج سال حجاج میتوان ایران را به صادر کننده بنزین مبدل ساخت و دیگر برای واردات بنزین محتاج اعراب نبود....اما افسوس که با پول حجاج ایرانی قمارخانه های فرانسه توسط شاهزادگان عربستان که انحصار بیزنس حج را در اختیار دارند آباد میشود.....و تا رسیدن ایرانیان مسلمان به مرحله فکرکردن در بهینه هزینه کردن پول برای نزدیکی به خدا راه بسیار درازی در پیش است


دل خوش از آنیم که حج میرویم
غافل از آنیم که کج میرویم
    کعبه  به  دیدار  خدا  میرویم ؟
او که همینجاست کجا میرویم ؟
   حج بخدا جز به دل پاک نیست
شستن غم از دل غمناک نیست
 دین که به تسبیح و سر وریش نیست
هرکه علی گفت که درویش نیست
 صبح به صبح در پی مکر و فریب
شب همه شب گریه و امن یجیب




by cyclicforward on

Next time don't go there.

Sahameddin Ghiassi

spend the money for humanity

by Sahameddin Ghiassi on

The money you spend for Haj, spend for colleges and university or for hospitals or for opening a factory in which the people can work. Saudi is rich enough.

Real McCoy

خسی در میقات شدن این چیز‌ها را هم دارد.

Real McCoy



این مهمون حقّشه، خر اون صاحبخونه بشه.


چشمشون کور


مراسم حج یعنی عرب شدن کامل.

Haj rites are pagan Arab rites which Moslems are required to perform to confirm their unity under the Arab National movement namely Islam. Serves them right.


Mr. Fozolie