Talmud is the source of spread of drug in the world

by Tapesh

During speech for a International drug conference , the first deputy of Iranian president Mohamad reza Rahimi claim that Talmud , a central text of Judaism, was responsible for the spread of illegal drugs around the world.


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Iranian Jews' protest

by maghshoosh on

The Tehran Jewish Committee (Anjoman-e Kalimian-e Tehran) has posted a letter of protest to Rahimi's statements at its website.


مردک ظرف چند ثانیه


این مردک ظرف چند ثانیه، چقدر دری وری گفت، خاک بر سر هر کی ابله


My Favorite Part of Judaism

by Faramarz on



Here is my favorite part of Judaism from Genesis 32:22-32.

As Jacob was heading back to Kanaan, he had an encounter with God.

God wrestled with Jacob all night and until the daybreak. When God saw that he could not overpower Jacob, he grabbed Jacob by his testicles and the sinew of his thigh (the gid hanasheh, sciatic nerve), and as a result, Jacob developed a limp. Because of this, to this day the people of Israel do not eat the sinew of the thigh that is on the hip socket.

Lesson Learned: Don't mess with God. He has all kinds of tricks up his sleeve!


Iran's Revolutionary Guards 'running Iran drug trade'

by Roozbeh_Gilani on


Qor'ann! And I stop right there!


It's the mother of all terrorist instruction set!

Shlomo cleans his @$$ with Qor'ann!


Israel is the cheating mother of all ME problems!!

by مآمور on

she cheats on her own creatures zionists themselves, whenever she receives legitimatized bribe by the book!!!

I wear an Omega watch


Appropriately, "Rahimi" means merciful

by maghshoosh on

An example of Talmudic teachings on looting of others' wealth was given at a blog on this site as an example of bankruptcy math.  Rahimi said much more on Zio-mudic plots and misdeeds in his speech, which is posted at this site.

There are a couple of unclear statements in the above video that Rahimi should elaborate on.  Around 45 sec into the video he claims that, as a sample of its evil teachings, Talmud instructs on how to nurture a fetus in a Jewish mother.  Isn't it a normal tendency to protect and nurture human fetuses?  Is he suggesting that unlike other fetuses, the Jewish ones should be acted against?  And around min 1 he cautions "Mrs. Dr. Dastjerdi," who is the health minister, to be mindful that a Zionist doctor has castrated 8000 Native Americans.  So is the health minister supposed to look for Zio-mudic mischief whenever a Native American living in Iran complains of erectile disfunction or fertility issues?


Moses having good stuff

by divaneh on

Moses: This is fu..kng good sh..t man.

Haroon: Yeah bro, really good sh..t.

Moses: I want to get on that donkey and fly to the sky.

Haroon: I've told you hundreds of times bro, you have to take less of that stuff.



by Zendanian on

 این یکی خبر را کسی  شنیده؟ -----------------------   Israeli man self-immolates at social protest Man sets himself on fire, blaming government for "humiliation" at rally to mark one year of nationwide protests. 25تير: تظاهرات اعتراضی در شهرهای مختلف اسرائيل برگزار شد/خودسوزی يک نفر در اعتراض به بی عدالتی ها خبرگزاری آلمان
يک سال پس از آغاز تظاهرات اعتراضی به اوضاع اجتماعی در اسرائيل، اين کشور بار ديگر شاهد راهپيمايي‌های گسترده در شهرهای مختلف بود. شامگاه شنبه (۱۴ ژوئيه) بار ديگر هزاران تن از شهروندان اسرائيل در اعتراض به سياست‌های دولت در ارتباط با اوضاع اجتماعی در شهرهای گوناگون اين کشور از جمله تل آويو، حيفا، اورشليم و بئرشبع به خيابان‌ها رفتند. از رويدادهای تکان‌دهنده‌ی اين اعتراضات در تل‌ آويو، اقدام يک زن? به خودسوزی بود. به ويژه افزايش مخارج زندگی و کمبود روزافزون مسکن اعتراض‌های گسترده‌ای را برانگيخته است. دولت اسرائيل قول انجام اصلاحات بي‌شماری را داده، اما منتقدان دولت را متهم مي‌کنند که تنها بخش ناچيزی از وعده‌های خود را عملی کرده است.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Israeli rapists: Moses practically invented heroin!

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