Tehran in the Summer of 1979/1358

by Tapesh

Six months after victory of Islamic revolution, no mandatory dress codes forced on people.

 There is freedom of expression, Everybody enjoy the real freedom that immediately disappeared after some clashes between political parties and the start of Iraq imposed war against Iran.

This film is part of a documentary named Tazeh nafas- ha or "Fresh ones" , directed by Kianoush Ayyari.


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Real Mccoy, it written Islamic Revolution on the sign in 9:33

by Anonymous8 on

the haircuts on the men are interesting! same with so many sisters who do choose to wear roosari even when not forced. the guy selling holy qoran lessons!!

tapesh UR right. the atmosphere was ruined by terrorists fighting.



by frazaghi on


It is very painful for me to see this video and on the other hand it will be a lesson to the next generations not to fall into this games and not to lose everything that we had to somebody who had been harbouring hatred toward Shah (Peace upon him) for many years and he could not even hide this hatred even years after Shah had died.

It was our mistake and we provided the proper ground for a group of holligans and bullies (Islamic militia) and give them a justified excuse to practice violence and they ( Atleast some of them) wronfully think this is the right path which lead them to heaven !!!!!! and I believe that this revolution and in particular the current gouvernment owes a lot to this so-called " plain-cloths" ( Lebas shakhsiha) and it was not for the sake this group , so many things could have never been forced on people and we would have never lost numerous valuable members of our society. 



in time Tapesh: when IRI folks are painting Islamic revolution

by MM on



I don't remember the revolution being Islamic

by benross on

It is called chronic numbness. It usually lasts over 30 years. 


discussions outside Tehran University

by fooladi on

Did I hear the internasionale at the begining?

I was only a kid then, but remember my Late uncle who had not long been released from the Shah's jails used to go to Tehran University every day with his political books and pamphlets. I know that, because my grandmother used to beg him to stay out of trouble and go  abroad to study. I remember his friends, they all wore glasses and had thick moustache..........

"Politics begin where the masses are, not where there are thousands, but where there are millions, that is where serious politics begin. "

Real McCoy

"Six months after victory of Islamic revolution'

by Real McCoy on

I don't remember the revolution being Islamic.


Very moving...

by Datis on

I remember most of those scenes; it took me back to my teenagehood and made me cry! Perhaps because I knew a lot of those young men and women who gathered near Daneshgah and Pahlavi Crossroad and discussed their thoughts and distributed publications; those who were soon afterwards tortured and killed by the hijackers of the unnecessary revolution.


Judging by the logo on the top right, it appears that it was shown on the I.R television! (If I am not wrong). Why would they show this documentary other than shooting themselves in the foot!


Thanks a lot Tapesh, great film.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Thanks that was around the last time  I saw Iran for the last visit good nostalgic era.              Maziar


How do I find this documentary?

by Monda on

Tapesh this is one great post.  Many Thanks!


I heard about that spring of freedom into summer

by oktaby on

First time I see some of it. It does speak volumes. Life is a bowl of ... 


Darius Kadivar

Amazing Footage

by Darius Kadivar on

Thanks for Sharing. Speaks tons on that era ...