We need civils like Sahid Rajaei and clergymen like Navab Savfavi

by Tapesh

The famous clergyman Akhound Gha'arati who is the head of literacy campaign , believe that establishing separate girls and boys classroom according to religious rules in the universities is not realized , because luck of civils like fundamentalist prime minister of Ayatollah Khomeyni Shaid Rajaei and clergymen like Navab Safavi the head of Islamic terrorist group Fadaayaan Islam who also killed Hosein Ala and Ahmad Kasravi !



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Darius Kadivar

Ali P is correct

by Darius Kadivar on

Hossein Ala was injured in the head but fortunately was not killed.

Great British trained Diplomat too


Hossein Ala' - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Ali P.

Not killed

by Ali P. on

Hosein Ala survived the assassination attempt on his life.